July 24, 2024

Despite 30 years in democracy, South Africans are still uncertain as to whether the country will go back to apartheid again.

The president of the Republic of South Africa went into coalition with DA, PA, IFP, and others and formed the Government of National Unity after the African National Congress (ANC) for the first time lost its majority in the National Assembly.

Per their agreement following the recent meeting on formation of the Cabinet to rule the country, the Democratic Alliance which is the main opposition got 6 Portfolios.

The DA who seems not satisfied with the 6 portfolios has written a letter to the president demanding additional two (2) to add up to 8.

“I am proposing these three options as alternatives to a Minister in the Presidency, Transport and International Relations. As I accept your rationale for assigning these to the ANC. Assigning two of these portfolios to the DA would take our quantum in Cabinet from six to eight. This would satisfy clause 16 by better reflecting the will of the people as expressed in the electoral outcome. While also taking into account the national interest. That the quantum of Deputy Ministers from the DA be similarly increased,” DA leader John Steenhuisen said.

“It is reassuring that we are now close to making the GNU a reality. And I am grateful for your support in these negotiations. I will await your considered feedback on the two proposed solutions to get us over the line,” said Steenhuisen.” He added.

In response the president said the DA has jeopardized the foundation of setting up a Government of National Unity.

“I informed you that the habit of negotiating through correspondence, as adopted by the DA, can be problematic. It can for example make parties play to the gallery of public opinion through media leakages resulting in the loss of focus on the real substance of the negotiations. I also informed you that we found the letter from your Federal Chairperson offensive, condescending, and inconsistent with the Constitution.” Cyril Ramaphosa said.

“To date, our discussions with the DA, PA, IFP, Good, PAC, UDM, Al Jama’ah, Freedom Front Plus, and Rise Mzansi have been geared towards building and consolidating the Government of National Unity, in the national interest The discussions with all 10 parties to the Statement of Intent have served to entrench an appreciation for the Constitution, and its values, as well as an understanding of the rules and protocols that facilitate effective and lawful government.”

“Unfortunately, this has not been the case with the DA. In its recent proposals, I believe the DA has jeopardized the foundation of setting up a Government of National Unity by moving the goalposts in your letter of 24 June 2024 to me. I am truly taken aback by how you now want two more portfolios to bring the DA’s portfolios to 8.” He added.

Reacting to this, some South Africans said they believe the ANC want to send them back to apartheid.


 Read some of their reactions below


“Let it collapse. The country cannot continue to be held at ransom by John and Hellen. The ANC needs to get better partners who has the country at heart not this DA which thinks of nothing but manipulating the economy to their favour”

“Does this mean ANC will work with EFF, IFP and MK”

“If this is true am going to throw a party and all my followers are invited”

“Nah man I still don’t trust Rama they like himself so much for him to let them down. We’ll see a plot twist trust me it’s early to celebrate”

“you can’t be serious lol lol lol I thought cyril sold us out again”

“Let’s see the ANC negotiate a deal with EFF and MK. It’s going to be vultures fighting over a carcass. The DA is going to seem very polite and reasonable by comparison. May the show begin!”

“So glad that ActionSA, the party I voted for called this out and stayed out of this mess.. My vote was not wasted”

“It hasn’t collapsed. It’s a deadlock. DA wants at least 8 portfolios in Cabinet whilst Cupcake only wants to give them 6. Negotiations are ongoing with a tricky deadline.”

“This is not good for South Africa. We didn’t give ANC outright majority ngoba besifuna basebenzisane ne DA. We are”

“Black magic has worked. We usually thought whites were not susceptible to black magic. It worked on them. MKP and EFF are readying themselves for government. With a great 12, I did not expect John to perform any better than JZ. Re-election will affect DA the worst.”

“Mr President just speak to CIC Malema and form a government 40 + 9 with PA 2 we are set you can also add 14 of MK if they agree to work with you and we are out of this drama !!”

“The DA & ANC have a done deal in place. Just check the systematically leaked letters to each other it’s part of the strategy to say to the general public “it wasn’t easy” If you think the DA will walk away from GNU think again…that ain’t happening Libala”

“Thank you very much. This good news. If the DA wants power as is evidenced by their pronouncements, they must win an election. Simple as that.”

Source: Elvisanokyenews.com