May 30, 2024

The Techiman Area Head Deacon of the Church of Pentecost, Elder Appiah Gyarko, has issued a caution to the public against election violence before, during and after the upcoming December polls.

He emphasized the importance of maintaining peace, tolerance and respect for democratic processes to ensure a peaceful and orderly electoral environment that upholds the principles on non-violence, dialogue and mutual understanding.

Elder Appiah Gyarko calls for increased awareness, education, and advocacy on the dangers and risks associated with election violence, including its impact on social cohesion, democratic governance and national stability.

“We are in election year, so we will plead with all and sundry not to do anything that will disturb the peace and stability of the country, most attimes, the youth engaged in a lot of social vices in election years and we plead with our youth not to do anything of such nation in this year especially when we approach the election month.”

“We don’t want a situation where Techimna will be in the news for negative reasons, we don’t what happened during the last general election to happen again because Techiman has a good name and we don’t want the selfish interest of any political party to change that so we will plead with the youth not to sell their conscious to any politicians”. He advised

As Ghana prepares for the upcoming elections, the caution against election violence serves as a timely and essential reminder to all stakeholders, political actors,and community members to prioritize peaceful and constructive engagements, respect opposing viewpoints and resolve differences through legal, legitimate and peaceful means.