May 30, 2024


The Techiman South Municipal Assembly, Department of Agriculture, has initiated the registration of farmers on the Planting for Food and Jobs 2 (PFJ 2) platform.
This effort aims to enable farmers to access the benefits and support provided by the PFJ 2 program, which includes agricultural inputs, training, and market linkages to enhance productivity, income, and food security in the region.
By kickstarting the registration process for farmers on the PFJ 2 platform, the Techiman South Municipal Assembly and the Department of Agriculture seek to strengthen the participation, engagement, and inclusion of smallholder farmers in government-led agricultural initiatives that promote sustainable farming practices, crop diversification, and value addition.
Authorities aim to facilitate access to subsidized fertilizers, seeds, and extension services that enhance the resilience, competitiveness, and sustainability of agricultural activities in the country.
The registration of farmers on the PFJ 2 platform represents a strategic step towards expanding the reach, impact, and effectiveness of agricultural support programs, empowering farmers to adopt modern technologies, best practices, and climate-smart solutions that optimize yields, reduce post-harvest losses, and improve livelihoods.
“By integrating farmers into a structured, data-driven platform, the government can tailor interventions, services, and incentives to address the specific needs, challenges, and opportunities of individual farmers and farming communities.” The MIS for the Techiman South Municipal Assembly, Department of Agriculture told farmers when he was educating them on the PFJ 2 platform.
He said,” unlike the the Planting for Foods and Jobs phase 1, where farmers have to pay subsidy fertilizer and other farming material with cash, farmer who will be enrolled in the PFJ 2 will pay for fertilizers and other farmers materials with their farming products equivalent to the amount of farming materials they will receive other the Planting for Food and Jobs phase 2.”
Farmers across the country are expected to first register on the platform and later get their farms also registered.