May 30, 2024

Students and Authorities of Garden City Special School at Asokore Mampong in the Ashanti Region are frustrated as they have been plunged into darkness for five weeks now over debt owed to the Electricity Company of Ghana.

The situation has adversely affected the academic activities and boarding on the campus of the Garden City Special School.

According to a report, students are forced to spend several hours outside their rooms at night due to the heat and it is making it difficult for academic work to progress.

The school has been in darkness since February 14, 2024. ECGReport says the school owns ECG GH₵66,000.

Speaking to JoyNews monitored by Elvisanokyenews,com, the headmistress of the school, Dr Roselyn Frimpong Agyapong expressed worries about the situation.

According to her, all efforts to get ECG to restore power to the school had been unsuccessful despite several appeals to government officials.

“It is being hell, I will say that way because I have running up and down from their office, Regional office to district office, they asked me to make letters, I did the letter I sent to the district office, I went there to follow up with the letter I was told it has been endorsed and taking to the region. I went to the region because I wanted to meet the regional director and explained to him that yes we own, we know, we know the school owns ECG but these are children who are vulnerable.” Roselyn Frimpong stated.

Adding that this term has been a very difficult term for them since they have faced many challenges.

“And this particular term, it has been a bit hard for us because with the male dormitory, the roof got ripped off so they are sleeping in classrooms and for them sleeping in classrooms and no light it means some of them will not sleep.” The headmistress lamented.

The school depended on a power generator which also broke down, the headmistress says the school is yet to receive money from the government to settle the utility bills.

“As at now, ECG says until we pay they will not put the light on for us and where are we getting the money to pay, nobody pays school fees here, we don’t do any IDF here, so where do we get the money? So until the government releases feeding grants to the school we won’t have any money. Are we going to continue sleeping in darkness? This is the administration block and work is on stand still” She bemoaned.