May 22, 2024

The Assistant Divisional Officer of Bechem Fire station in the Ahafo Region, A.D.O 1 Clifford Ashie Teiko has cautioned Ghanaians about the use of gas cylinders.

He said this while lamenting on how some individuals poorly use gas cylinders in their various homes leading to the explosion of the cylinders which in turn leads to fire outbreak.

In an interview with Kwaku Mensah Abrampa, A.D.O 1 Clifford said the use of stones and other heavy objects on cylinder valves to prevent leakages is a bad practice which may lead to explosion and therefore must be stopped.

“Most of us has buy cylinders but it usage is a problem and that is the reason for most fire outbreaks”

“Most people after buying cylinders put stones on their cylinders to prevent leakages, that is a bad practice and some of us also build cages to keep their cylinders, that is also a bad practice because it prevents ventilation and that needs to be stopped” he said.

He further advised the public not “fill your cylinders to the brim,

He seized the opportunity to plead with the masses to ensure adequate gas usage practices in the various homes to prevent future damage that may be caused by the improper usage of the cylinders.

“Most of us fill our cylinders to the brim to the extent that their will be no space left for air to circulate in the cylinder, we will plead that if your cylinders fills at the cost of GHc200.00 you buy GHc190.00 to allow some air in the cylinder”. He said.

ADO 1 Clifford Ashie disclosed that cylinders have expiry dates, though they can still be used when the date is due stressing that expiry dates of cylinders are categorized into four quarters which are determined by alphabet and numbers.

He explained that the alphabet represents the month with the numbers representing the year within which the cylinder expires.

Source: Blankson