May 22, 2024

The Concern Citizens of Wamfie of Dormaa East in the Bono region of Ghana has questioned the decisions of Nananom and government officials in selling lands meant for development in the town.

The concern citizens, collaborated with the Wamfie Elites for Development to ascertain from the traditional council and government appointees at Wamfie their reason for selling public lands that they believe is reserved for developmental projects.

Addressing the press at Wamfie, the Dormaa East capital, Mr. Charles Kumi Yeboah, who is the leader of the Wamfie concern citizens, said Wamfie has seen little if no development since time immemorial.

He said his outfit, after thorough investigations, has found out that some lands designated for development have been sold to some individuals at the expense of the town.

“Wamfie is an old community, we established Wamfie 32 years even before Dormaa was established, but Dormaa is now more developed than Wamfie” he said.

He continued; “we will able to lay our hands on the original city plan and we realized that, some public places have been sold to some individuals, they have sold the land meant for children’s playing ground, both lands designated for electricity sub station and refuse dump have also been sold to some individuals,.a 60 feet road between the hospital site and estate has also been sold to the Roman Catholic church without any benefits to the town.

Meanwhile, the leader of Wamfie Elites for Development, Mr. Rexford Hadda, quizzed their Member of Parliament and the DCE of the area on why they have failed to continue projects initiated by their predecessors.

He also lamented on how the inhabitants of Wamfie have been suffering due to lack of development at Wamfie.

“We asked our leaders to put measures in place at Dormaa East for us to also develop and stop abounding projects because it was started by someone and if I complete it, the name of the person who initiated the project will mentioned”.

“They have abounding projects concerning Fire Fighters Station and Ambulance Service, so I asked, how far is that projects”. Mr. Rexford quizzed.

However, Agyawusu Barima of Dormaa FM, says the DCE for Dormaa y, Hon. Emmanuel Kofi Agyeman, has explained he has make several follow-ups concerning the abounded projects but all his follow-ups have fell to deaf ear.