May 20, 2024

A civil society organization in the cashew industry, the Cashew Watch Ghana (CWG) has launched a project to help improve cashew farming in the country.

The project dubbed, “Amplifying the Voices of Cashew Farmers” is aimed at providing a platform for cashew farmers especially those at Nsawkaw in the  Tain District of the Bono region of Ghana.

Addressing the media, the national convener of the Cashew Watch Ghana, Mr. Raphael Godlove Ahenu, said the newly launched project, will help to advocate for competitive and unified price for cashew for the betterment of all the value chain actors in the industry.

He also revealed the project seeks to amplify the media reportage in the cashew sector, a move he believes will make their grievances known to the government.

“Our aim is to find the best way to improve the cashew industry in Ghana. The Amplifying the Voices of Cashew Farmers, will provide the medium for cashew farmers to voice out their concerns in their line of work in terms of pricing and other relevant issues.

” We will also look at the media reportage in the cashew sector, because the media reportage in the sector is very very low and this will help to send our problems to the government” he said.

He urged all the cashew association to form one big body as he believes with a unified voice, their concerns will be easily addressed by the government.

He revealed that, they have a strategic objective, they have measures to ensure all political parties especially the two major political parties, i.e NPP and NDC to include in their manifesto  their intervention for the cashew sector.

“If you look at our strategic objectives, we have outputs expecting to see the intervention for the cashew sector in the manifesto of all the political parties especially the two major political parties, NPP and NDC, we will track and make sure they implement what is in the manifesto should they win power”.

Mr. Raphael urged the government to put in measures to punish those who fail to abide with the government’s cashew price.

He disclosed that, “The government has made a pronouncement, it has fixed the price of cashew but people are not obeying it, they are buying it with different prices, so what are the measures the government are putting in place?”

Source: Blankson