May 20, 2024

The Monarch of Asante Kingdom, Otumfuo Osei Tutu II, has revealed that if not for the intervention of his uncle, the late Asantehene, Osei Tutu Agyeman Prempeh II, his mother would not have given birth to him.

According to him, his mother, the late Asantehemaa Nana Afia Serwaa Kobi Ampem IV decided to seek for divorce after the birth of his sibling because his father was a womaniser.

Speaking at a thanksgiving service to mark his 74th birthday, as part of his silver jubilee celebrations as king of the Ashanti land, Asantehene said his uncle (Nana Kwame Kyeretwie) was not happy with his mother’s decision so pleaded with her to stay because he (Osei Agyemang Prempeh) didn’t get what he wanted.

“We give thanks and praise to God, If I tell you how my mother gave birth to me, my mum told me that she would not have given birth to me at all. My mother said my dad was a womaniser, so she wanted to leave their marriage after the birth of my sibling whom I come after. She told me that the then Asantehene, my uncle, Osei Agyemang Prempeh… told her that what he was looking for he didn’t get so she should stay, so the years between my sibling and I was quite long before my mother went back again to my father for them to give birth to me.” Asantehene recounted.

The king of Asanteman indicated that his father did not stop his bad attitude after his mother gave birth to him so she decided to leave the marriage again but this time around his uncle (Nana Kwame Kyeretwie) agreed that his mother could leave because he had what he was looking for.

Adding that his uncle planned with the Caretaker and Uncle of Otumfuo Nana Osei Tutu II, Oheneba Mensah Bonsu (Hiahene) and kept the royalty from him.

He explained that four years after he was born, they gave him to Oheneba Mensah Bonsu to take care of him as his son to prevent him (Asantehene) from going to Manhyia Palace.

“After my mum gave birth to me, she said she couldn’t stay in the marriage because my dad (Boakye Danquah) had not stopped his bad behaviour. Then my uncle (Nana Kwame Kyeretwie ) told her that he now had what he wanted, so she could leave. So four years after I was born, they gave me to Oheneba Mensah Bonsu, not knowing he planned with my uncle (Nana Kwame Kyeretwie), my uncle didn’t want me to come close to the royalty. So Oheneba Mensah Bonsu took me as his son and everything. It was after this that everything was brought to bear, and I am where I am today,” he said.