May 30, 2024

The Bono East Regional Director of Ghana Tourism Authority (GTA), Mr. Joseph Appiah-Agyei, has called for the support of the people of the region to help develop all tourist sites within the Bono East region.

Mr. Appiah said the region is blessed with many natural resources which can generate huge sums of money for the development of the region and Ghana should those natural resources be put to good use.

According to him, the development of Tourism is a team effort “because everyone matters in it and nobody is left behind”. He said, “When I was transferred to the region, I went to all the stakeholders within the Bono East region to seek their ideas in the development of the region regarding tourism and the remarks were very laudable and recommendable”.

He lauded the support that the C.E.O of Ghana Tourism, the sector Minister, Bono East region, Nananom, MMDCEs and the general public have given to him, he said “their support is very impressive and I don’t take it for granted.”

Speaking to classic news in an exclusive interview, monitored by, the Bono East Regional Director of Ghana Tourism Authority, called on all stakeholders in the region to come on bard to support the Tourism sector in the region “because Bono East region has more tourism sites than all the regions in Ghana and all that the region need is massive development in those sites”

He said the sector minister of tourism Dr Mohammed Awal has given him the full assurance that they will develop all the sites within the region and it is now the responsibility of the various assembly members to present their tourist sites to their assemblies for development.

He admitted that covid19 has affected the tourism sector very badly because tourists could not travel to the country to visit sites but due the innovation put in place by the Ministry and the C.E.O domestic tourism have been improved.

Source: Blankson