May 20, 2024

The Ghana Police Service has urged religious bodies to be circumspect in their activities most especially prophecies.

The Police said while the churches are enjoying their constitution right in this Christmas activities, they should be patriotic and avoid causing fear and panic.

In a statement issued on 27th December, 2023 and signed by Grace Ansah-Akrofi, Assistant Commissioner of Police Director, Public Affairs said faith- based groups and individuals should abide by the law to ensure that the prevailing state of law, order and security in the country is maintained.

The Police also urged individuals particularly, the media to desist from false publication that can cause fear and panic.

“As the year come to an end, the Ghana Police Service respectively, wishes to remind the general public, especially the religious community, of the law on publication of false news and urges its continues compliances”

“We urged the general public, especially faith-based groups and individuals to continue to be patriotic and abide by the law, to ensure that the prevailing state of law, order and security in our beloved country is maintained” The statement added.

They reiterated that indiviaduals and the various instituions have their constitution right to do their businesses but they should ensure that they respect other freedom and right in discharging their duties.

“The police will like to remind the genral public that while we have the right to practice our faith and freedom of speech is guaranteed by our constitution and democratic values, we want to reiterate that the enjoyment of these rights are subject to respect for the rights and freedoms of others and for the public interest” Part of the statement read.

” As we have come to consider December 27th as Prophecy Communication Compliance Day, the Ghana POlice¬† Service is once again urging that religious communities to practice their faith within the legal framework”

The Police however, commended indivuduals and faith-based groups for complying with the laws in the past days.

“We are grateful to faith-based groups and individuals for their compliances of the law so far, particularly, in Communicating prophecies. While this has protected the freedom and rights of those who are normally affected by these prophecies, it has also fostered a society free of needless panic, fear and alarm” The statement said.