June 13, 2024

The Bono East Region had a total of 29, 202 new Voters being captured in the just ended Limited Registration Exercise conducted by the Electoral Commission of Ghana, the regional Director of the Electoral Commission, Dr. Dr. Gabriel Dei-Yeboah has revealed.

The Electoral Commission on 7th May, 2024 began registering Ghanaians who have just attained 18 years or above this age but do not have their names in the Voters’ Register in order to be able to cast their ballots in the forthcoming crucial 7th December, 2024 Presidential and Parliamentary Elections.

The 21-day exercise which commenced on Tuesday, May 7, was extended by two days to make up for the challenges that fraught the first two days of the process.

Despite the initial technical challenges that marred the exercise on the first two days and on the last day, political party agents have expressed satisfaction with the process, stating that they have met their targets.

Speaking to Dr. Gabriel Dei-Yeboah the Bono East Regional Director for the Electoral Commission, said after the 21 days plus the two additional days, his office has registered 14, 158 males representing 48.5%  while 15, 044 females representing 51.5% have also been registered.

A figure, according to him, has exceeded their target which was set between 20,000 and 30,000.

“After a successful exercise, we have been able to register 29,202 new members into the register in the Bono East region but we should bear in mind that this is a provisional figure because some names will be omitted due to challenged cases.

“We registered 14, 158 males representing 48.5% and the females were while 15, 044 females representing 51.5% meaning we registered a lot of females than males in the limited voters registration exercise but I know you will agree with me that this is no news because we have a lot of females than males in our country.”

Dr. Gabriel Dei-Yeboah also announced that challenge cases increased in this just ended Limited Voter Registration Exercise with about 592 cases recorded but was glad with the figure because this signals that the People are maturing in Our Democracy.

“We had a lot of challenged cases this year, we had 592 challenged cases but in last year we recorded only 299 challenged cases so it means we had a lot of challenged cases this year.

“This can mean two things, that is we can say the populace have now understood that, we don’t use violence to resolve issues concerning voter registration but we used appropriate laws to challenge individuals we believe do not qualify to be registered.

“It can also mean that, we have a lot of people who tried to beat the system but in all, we can say that this is an indication that our democracy has matured.” He said

He concluded that after the Registration Exercise the EC is continuing with Voter Transfers, replacement of lost or damaged Voter ID Cards and also receiving applications for Proxy Voting at all their District Offices from 30th May to 14th June, 2024.

Source: Elvisanokyenews.com