May 30, 2024

The Executive Director of the National Folklore Board, Bernice Ann Deh-Kumah, has revealed that, Ghana will soon be hub of Kente trading as anyone looking for authentic Kente must come to Ghana.

According to her, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) will soon recognize Ghana as the originator of Kente this year.

highlighting the rich cultural heritage, craftsmanship, and significance of the traditional woven fabric in Ghanaian history and identity.

By emphasizing the importance of Ghana as the originator of Kente, Bernice Ann Deh-Kumah, underscores the unique artistic, cultural, and historical value of the fabric, which has been woven by Ghanaian artisans for generations, passed down through families, and celebrated in various ceremonies, events, and occasions as a symbol of prestige, pride, and tradition.

She said, Ghana have to put in adequate measures to promote our culture and heritage as that will give the country access to international market and also help to generate revenue for the country.

The Executive Director of the National Folklore Board, explained that, Ghana does not currently have any element in her name so far as global culture and heritage is concerned but that will soon change as Ghana will soon be recognized as the creators of Kente.

“We need to promote what he have, how can we promote it? we need to put on an international platform, if you look at Jamaica, they have done reggae music, if you look at Senegal they have done jollof rice , Senegal has claim ownership that they are the originators, they are the creators of the foodway and so Ghana we have nothing on the world heritage.

” We put in application that we should have two elements, and the elements we proposed are kente and highlife but by the procedure according to UNESCO  regulations says you cannot submit two elements the same year, so they have to look at one first, after that the second one.

“Now as we speak by the grace of God, this year, Ghana will be given the recognitiom as the creators of kente, that will be a news across the world so anybody who is looking for authentic kente will have to come to Ghana. She said.

The impending recognition of Ghana as the originator of Kente by UNESCO reflects a significant milestone, achievement, and honor for the country, its artisans, and its cultural heritage, affirming the authenticity, integrity, and legacy of Kente as a national treasure, cultural symbol, and economic asset that contributes to the promotion of tourism, trade, and cultural diplomacy in Ghana and beyond. By showcasing the diversity, complexity, and beauty of Kente patterns, colors, and meanings, Ghana seeks to position itself as a leading destination for cultural tourism, heritage preservation, and artisanal craftsmanship that sustains, revitalizes, and promotes traditional arts and crafts for future generations.

Bernice Ann Deh-Kumah, explained that, the recognition by UNESCO will create market for those in the kente industry “and will give them economic empowerment.”

Touching on highlife, she said “After that, we move to the highlife because there are other people fighting that highlife originated from them but if you look at the history systematically, you will realize that highlife is from Ghana,  so when we get the highlife just as Jamaica has reggae, then we will see how far Ghana is moving.”