May 30, 2024

Donald Sarpong’s Open letter to Stonebwoy

Dear Stonebwoy,

I hope you’re doing well. I am not particularly a big fan of yours but I like your music, admire your work ethic and vision.

The reason for this message is to encourage you to be focused as you have been in recent times.

During last week festivities, your colleague, Shatta Wale once again attacked you unprovoked which he has been doing all the time. I know you’re tempted to respond but please ignore and keep your focus. You have more to lose if you indulge him in this one sided beef.

It’s very clear that your colleague Shatta Wale is not interested in advancing his career and brand to the next level which is fine. I mean he had a Beyoncé collabo by luck and “fumbled” it instead of using that for elevation.

I cannot tell any positive impact of that collabo on his career. His career is currently in “coma” so he’s looking for people like you to join him there hence the constant childish attacks.

You recently signed another deal with an international organisation to help in the global distribution of your music. You also received another brand endorsement. All this proves how attractive your brand is which will naturally attract envy from those who’re not getting similar validation from such entities.

In any civilised society a public figure who mocks persons with disabilities would be stripped off any form of brand endorsement and not be given any credible platform to continue their “reign of terror”.

But in this chaotic society, anything goes so the more he misbehaves the more he gets endorsed by people and organisations who’re supposed to know better but are somehow drawn to narcissistic individuals. No wonder a lot of our home grown companies cannot stand the test of time or compete well with other global brands. The standards here are below average.

Back to you Stonebwoy, I’m sure you remember when you lost your deal with Samsung due to the incident at the VGMAs because of this same guy. That could’ve ended your career but we thank God it didn’t happen.

My key message for you is to keep your focus. I applaud the decision to pull out of the event which I hope you maintain going forward. If I were to part of your handlers I would’ve suggested you stay far away from any platform or event which puts you both on at the same time in the name of unity, friendship or any sort of emotional blackmail.

This guy doesn’t have any good intentions for you and his plan is to make sure you’re in the gutters with him making you unattractive to the brands associated with you now so he can have an urge over you. I’ll leave that to your management.

Lastly continue working hard and smart, I hope one day you get whatever you’re looking for in the global music market.