July 24, 2024

Renowned Ghanaian record producer, Edward Nana Poku Osei known by the showbiz name Hammer understands Founder and Creative Director of Ohenemedia (OM Studios), Abraham Ohene Gyan supposed to be the Deputy Minister of Tourism, Art and Culture not Mark Okraku Mantey.

He said the impact Abraham Ohene-Gyan has made to develop the Creative Art industry and individuals overweight Mark Okraku Mantey.

Speaking in an interview with Bola Ray monitored by Elvisanokyenews.com, Hammer stated that anybody who passed through OM Studios has acquired something better for his life because of the support and investment Ohene-Gyan has put on there.

“The whole career of Mark Okraku Mante has been about Mark, it is not bad you are developing yourself but we see how you roll, look at Abraham Ohene Gyan, he is the one I actually was hoping he would go ahead with, do you know why? Over the years Abraham Ohene Gyan from when we started working, the way he handdled OM studios, everybody who passed through OM studios he developed them. He did their wedding for them, If you are a cameraman in OM studios, Abraham will do your wedding for you” He said.

“Cameramen can become editors, if you are a sweeper, you will be developed to become a camera person or something else so there is self development. What you are doing outside there shows who you are. Mark is not a bad person but Mark doesn’t have the collective iterest at heart.” Hammer added.

According to him, Mark Okraku Mantey is only interested in developing himself but not others.

Adding that even being in public office, the Deputy Minister is not making any significant impact in the industry.

“I never supported Mark’s appointment, everybody knows, I was very loud on social media. I wasn’t happy because we all know each other. Bola you know me, I know you. You know the things that you can say Hammer can’t, we know who we are, our deeds show who we are.” He stated.

“Mark over the years hasn’t really done anything. Nobody disputes Mark’s powers as a businessman, I am actually a big fan of his when it comes to a certain point but you can tell a lot about someone, public office is different. Public office is putting your wants aside and championing a course, he hasn’t displayed that.” Hammer indicated.

Source: Elvisanokyenews.com