May 30, 2024

Everybody goes into a relationship with different reasons.

Some people are into relationships for financial support, protection, sexual desire, love, reproduction, and others.

Failure to meet these reasons can result in many problems such as breakup, cheating and excessive abuse which sometimes lead to loss of life and other valuable things.

The most common among these problems is cheating which has become a major challenge in many relationships.

The word cheating can be defined as when a person in a monogamous romantic relationship has an emotional or sexual relationship with someone else without their partner’s consent.

Cheating can come from either the male or female partner.

Both men and women however, become nervous when their partners show some signs that they are cheating on them.

Many people do not condone cheating since they are described as a painful brutal violation of trust in a relationship.




1. A man understands that $ex for women is never physical, but emotional. Cheating them it’s a sign they are no longer in love.

2. A man instinctively understands that a cheating partner is a murder weapon. And when instigated, could kill him to elope with her new lover.

3. A woman becomes disrespectful once she starts cheating on her man. The disrespect eventually pushes the man away.

4. A man understands that a cheating wife could compromise his children by giving him kids belonging to another man.

According to research, some reasons why people cheat are Lack of Emotional Connection. Most people do not realize how important creating, maintaining, and nurturing a connection in a relationship is.

Also bad boundaries with people outside the relationship. It is imperative to make boundaries with people who are disrespecting your relationship or acting like you are single.