May 30, 2024

The longer Dr Bawumia takes to get a running-mate, the more evident it becomes that he’s struggling to find a match for Prof Opoku-Agyemang; and that can be severely distressing. However, that’s not the focus of this post.

Let’s, once again, think about Prof Atta Mills a little bit. One thing that sets Prof Mills apart is the simplicity, honesty, integrity, empathy and courage which his communication – verbal and nonverbal – oozes.

However, the learned Professor of law was even far more impressive in other things. If his communication was phenomenal, his performance as President, briefly though he served, was generationally distinguished.

In my mind’s eye, Prof Opoku-Agyemang shares communication style with Prof Atta Mills. They both would look sternly into your eyes; speak deeply to your heart; pause calmly to allow you space to respond in thought; and carry you along.

They do not outrun you with rumbly roughy quirky hissy laughter, nor overrun you with oppressive sloganeers, all of which, when combined, are but a sign of insecurity, insensitivity, condescension and evasiveness.

Like Prof Mills, Prof Opoku-Agyemang’s attributes go far beyond her communicate skills or style. Her works! Her work as a leader in academia was much one of a kind, as it was first of its kind in our beloved nation, undisputedly.

As a leader in national politics, she is reputed for making the most yield of her budget. The education ministry was transformative under her. She demonstrated a deep understanding of foundational education and invested heavily and wisely in it.

Higher education: she not only protected academic freedom, but also promoted it. She resolved conflicts in the sector without victimisation. Where political interest warred with technocratic propositions, she allowed consensus (rather than bullying) to prevail.

History of civilization teaches us this: a nation, no matter how robbed, broke and divided, is stronger with inclusiveness and consensus rather than with hardheadedness and pomposity; openness and honesty rather than deception and distortion.

We know a few things: we know that our nation is broke AF; and, perhaps, also, severely divided – divided along the line of the few haves and the multitude of the have-nots. It is also robbed, both from both within and outside.

So, last night, as I played over Prof’s speech and the thunderous applause which it frequently summoned; when I reflect over her works over the decades, I knew that she has something truly generational to offer our beloved nation.

Justice Srem-Sai