May 22, 2024

Zunuo hospital will on Saturday, June 17, 2023 celebrate its 5th anniversary for operating as a private hospital in Techiman north district.

The private hospital was established in 2017 by Mr. Zunuo, with the purpose of providing quality health care, serves the deprived communities within the Techiman North District and its environment.

Speaking to the administrator of the hospital Mr. Gilbert Donir, said their aim of providing quality health care service to the people of Techian North and its surrounding communities has become a reality. He disclosed that the hospital has put measures in place to ensure they improve on their service and health care delivery.

“we realized that we are surrounded by a lot of poor and vulnerable people, so we established this facility to provide essential health care for these people and over the past 5 years, we have seen a lot of progress, we have seen a lot of development and improvement in our service provision”.

“We have added a lot of advance services as well so far, we are the referral facility in the district and we are still making efforts to improve our human resource and we hope that in the next few years, we will become one of the best hospitals in Techiman and even in the Bono East region”. He said

As part of their 5th anniversary, Mr. Gilbert says the hospital is running a promotion on some essential health care for all clients and people within its catchment area throughout the month of June and says all those services come with no cost.

He however pleaded to the government to support the private hospital with some logistics and human resources as he believes with government intervention, both the public and private hospitals will help to improve the standard of health care in the country.

“As a private hospital, we have numerous challenges, even though we are making efforts to adopt and adjust to these challenges.”

“The main challenge is the human resource, the ability to employ so many staff at the time is a challenge so we are hoping that if government can assist or support the private sector with human resource to aid in the same service provision that is going on in the public sector,  even if government will absorb part of the cost of human resource for the private facility to also absorb part of the cost then that will be helpful to the service provision.” He added.

Source: Blankson