May 30, 2024

The Yefirihene in the Northern North District of the Bono East Region, Nana Okuforbour Takyi Jimah, has called on diaspora natives to reconnect with their roots and participate in local initiatives to contribute to the development of their communities.

The Yefirihene’s appeal aims to foster a sense of belonging, heritage, and identity among diaspora members, encouraging them to actively engage, collaborate, and invest in projects that promote social, cultural, and economic progress in their ancestral hometowns.

“By rekindling ties, sharing knowledge, and supporting local endeavors, diaspora members can make meaningful contributions to addressing challenges, seizing opportunities, and shaping the future of their communities which will foster a sense of pride, ownership, and responsibility for their heritage and legacy.” Nana said

Nana Okuforbour Takyi Jimah, seeks to build bridges of understanding, cooperation, and mutual respect that foster collaboration, exchange, and partnership for the benefit of all stakeholders involved.

According to him, Yefiri is a community that does not depend on the central government for developmental projects as almost all the developmental projects and social interventions in the community was initiated by the chiefs and people of the town.

“We currently have a police station at Yefri which was built by the native of Yefri, we have a Post Office which was also built by the natives of the town, both the Health Clinic and Fire Fighter Department Office were all build by the native of Yefiri, the Fire Service in Yefiri serve the whole of Nkoranza North District.”

“All these project although are now under the control of the government but they were all initiated by the chiefs and natives of Yefiri,”

“The biggest secondary school is the Osei Bonsu Senior High School and that was also initiated by my predecessor and he even used his house as a dormitory for the school, so you can see that Yefiri is a community that prides itself with communal labor and voluntary work.” He said

Nana Okuforbour Takyi Jimah, therefore urged all natives of Yefiri in the diaspora to contribute their quota in developing the town.

He further disclosed that, the Yefiri Traditional Council have enstooled two new queens to augment the efforts of the chiefs and natives in developing the community.

“We enstooled two new queens recently, they were the Gyasehemaa and Ankobeahemaa, a lot of people came to support the entoolement and it was very successful, after which we conducted a cleanup exercise to beautify the town.”