June 13, 2024

The 2021 Regional best fish monger for the Bono East region, Nana Ama Sama has advocate for women to be given more attention in society.

According to her, the services rendered by women to both their family and the country are liken to the deeds of the   because their services are needed and they are like God.

According to Nana Ama Sama, the society as we know is incomplete without women hence they need such recognition.

“I always say that women are next to God because we are those that care and understand the needs and feelings of our children, we are those that help to move a nation forward.

“We sometimes go the extra mile just to ensure there is peace and stability in our homes, we work a lot, we sometimes even think about the welfare of our children that our husbands” She said.

Nana Ama Sama, urged mothers to spend more time with their children and help  them to make the right decision in life by investing in their lives through education or trade.

“I will plead with mothers to spend more time with the children, they sometimes act like they are wise than us but shouldn’t stop us from correcting them and guiding them to make the right choices in life.” She disclosed

She encouraged women who ply their trade in the Techiman Central and for that matter women working to take keen interest in their work. She said, “we women that are into trading helps a lot, the society will not thrive if they are no women in the market to trade.

“I know the work is very hard but that is the trade we found ourselves in and that helps us to take care of our families so we should dedicate our time in our trade”. She told our reporter.

Source: Elvisanokyenews.com