July 24, 2024

Founder and leader of the New Jerusalem Chapel at Sokoban Ampayoo in the Ashanti Region, Bishop Dr, John Yaw Adu has taken a swipe at  gospel musician, Yaw Sarpong’s wife Adwoa Penamang over recent allegations against the veteran musician.

The renowned man of God claimed Adwo Penamang abandoned her husband when he was in critical condition but now that he is well the woman is fighting people who intervened for Yaw Sarpong.

He questioned the whereabouts of the woman when they were doing fasting and prayers and visiting cemetery to intercede for Yaw Sarpong, the woman was nowhere to be found.

“I thank all of you, Tiwaa is snatching my husband, saying Tiwaa is taking my husband’s sickness, not my husband’s. I am extremely angry, Yaw spent almost one years here and he was baptized. Immediately he came, he eased himself and ate, we put him to bed and I told him that Yaw, I have finished my work, God has already healed you. So while you are sleeping if you hear any voice that says stand up and walk, stand up and walk. I am done.” He said.

“If the woman is here, I will ask her the time the Angel revealed to me that we should do three weeks fasting and prayers with Yaw Sarpong and his family members, did she take part or not? And where was she? The sister stopped teaching and she was staying here, we fasted for three weeks including Tiwaa.” Bishop J.Y Adu said during Sunday service at New Jerusalem Chapel where Yaw Sarpong is receiving treatment.

“When the Angel gave us directions to go to Yaw Sarpong’s home town cemetery, Tiwaa, Kwame and I went to the cemetery in the night and I turned things around, and brought the ghost down, at that time did the woman heard or saw this story? Human beings should not lie. Tell us that you are poor now, I didn’t take care of the man, I thought he was going to die but God save him, now he has some money so you should give me some, if you say that we can consider you.” He added.

According to Bishop J.Y Adu, he supports Maame Tiwaa who has been tagged as having secret affairs with Yaw Sarpong because she took her time to take care of the musician. Adding that he doesn’t support stupidity.

“Tiwaa is not a wicked person, you say you support Tiwaa. I don’t support stupidity, if you are my wife, child, sibling and you behave stupidity, I won’t support you. That is how I am.

Source: Elvisanokyenews.com