May 20, 2024

Orphanages at the Christian Atsu Educational Centre have expressed their profound gratitude to the fans and individual donors who supported the completion of the school.

According to them, there was no hope after the death of the Ghanaian international football star, Christian Atsu that the school could be completed for them.

“When he left all hope was gone, we did not know what to do, but because God is with us He has helped us, He has given us people to help us and now we have completed the school. We are very much grateful” One orphan stated.

“We thank God for helping us to complete our school and giving us more donors to help us to complete the school that our father Christian Atsu started building for us, we are so happy” Another person said.

On Wednesday, June 28, 2023, the Christian Atsu Educational Centre was officially commissioned, symbolizing the realization of Atsu’s vision to provide education and support to orphaned children, ensuring a lasting legacy in his honour.

Christian Atsu tragically lost his life during the devastating earthquake that struck Turkey in February. His passing raised concerns regarding the completion of the school, which he had been personally financing for the Becky’s Foundation.

The construction of the nine-unit classroom block, constituting the Christian Atsu Educational Centre, required an estimated £40,000. Despite Atsu’s inability to witness its completion, the generous contributions from fans of Newcastle United, Chelsea FC, and Everton played a pivotal role in bringing the project to fruition.

Chelsea FC played an instrumental part by auctioning jerseys worn by their players, with the proceeds significantly contributing to the school’s completion. These funds were directed through Arms Around the Child, a charity organization for which Atsu served as an ambassador.