June 13, 2024

The Akyerepemhene of Wenchi Nchiraa, Nana Kobi Boateng Nsusumesa, known in his private life as Kwadwo Amakye, has urged the youth to embrace a strong work ethic in order to achieve success in their future endeavors.

Speaking at the 2nd edition of the Career Excellence Awards were he was adjudged the most outstanding electrical contractor in the Bono East region for the 2nd time running, Nana Kobi Boateng Nsusumesa, emphasized the importance of hard work and perseverance, stating that these qualities are essential for the youth to realize their full potential and contribute positively to the development of the community as it is his secret for his the success he has choked so far in his life.

According to him, those that have the capacity to further their education to the highest level should do so with all seriousness while those into artisan must give it their all since this is the right time for them to use their strength for something beneficial in the future.

“My advice to the youth is that they should be hardworking, as a youth this is the time for you to put in much energy in your work. If not when you grow old, you may suffer.

“If you have the capacity to go to school then do it, if it’s about apprenticeship, be serious about it, the beginning is always hard but with determination and hard work, you will surely make it.” He said.

Nana Kobi Boateng Nsusumesa, used his life as an example saying he started as an electrician and through determination and hard work, he is now a certified electrical contractor with his own company, a fate he said is achievable for all the youth should they put their back into whatever legit business they found themselves in.

“They gave me this award based on my performance in my field, it has really motivated me, I started as an electrician and now I’m a licensed electrical contractor, I work with the Ministry of Energy, VRA and ECG.

“As we speak, I have my own company that deals with electrical poles, I wouldn’t have achieved any of this if I was not a hardworking man, so I will tell the youth not to shy from work and be hardworking.” He disclosed

Nana Kobi Boateng Nsusumesa says he aims to instill in the young people a sense of responsibility and the confidence to overcome obstacles and achieve their aspirations hence using his lifestyle as an example for them to emulate


Source: Elvisanokyenews.com