May 30, 2024

The Chief Executive Officer of Zunuo hospital, Mr. Emmanuel Zingvilaa has revealed that his hospital over the years has been able to achieve prime aim in providing quality health care to the people of Techiman North and its surrounding communities.

He disclosed this during a sod cutting ceremony for the construction of a new ultramodern hospital by the management of Zunou Hospital to improve on their health services

He admitted that, the private hospital has been able to “chop huge success from a client base of about 15 to 20 few years back, now we are having an average of 100 clients per day and that tells you that we have really come far, we have really succeeded in our vision”

Zunou Hospital, was established as a clinic in 2017 but five years down the line, the private institution has upgraded into a hospital, a fate Mr. Emmanuel believes is a sign that the good works of the management and staff of the hospital have been massively appreciated by the good people of Techiman.

“Zonou become a health facility five years ago, we started as a clinic, about two years ago, we got the accreditation as a hospital, that is so fast if you know how the system works”

“and that tells you that our services have been appreciated and we have been able to upgrade the facility not just in equipment and human resources but also in quality health care delivery and that has been the background of our success.” He said.

According to him, management of the hospital plans to build an ultra-modern edifice in order to add more advanced facilities and health care services in their hospital.

Mr. Emmanuel Ziegvela said the hospital hopes to establish a rehabilitation center to enhance and restore functional ability and quality of life to people with physical impairments or disabilities in the next three years.

“We hope that within the next three years, we should be able to start a rehabilitation facility in Techiman and I think that will be about the first or second rehabilitation center in the whole region.”

The Administrative Director of the Hospital, Mr. Gilbert To-Ang, reassured the populace that, despite the hospital climaxing its five years anniversary last Saturday, 17th June, 2023, the hospital will continue with its free medical services until the end of June, 2023.

Source: Blankson