June 13, 2024

Chairman for Road Contractors Association, John Afful has said their members are in a terrible situation as a result of government failure to pay them.

He said efforts have been made for the government to pay them their arrears but have been unsuccessful.

Speaking in an interview with TV3 monitored by Elvisanokyenews.com, John Afful indicated that Road Contractors are suffering. Revealing that about seven (7) members have lost their lives due to their terrible situations.

“We are in a terrible situation, they keep calling, we have been meeting and we have been approaching the government but have proven unsuccessful. They tried to meet us just to talk to us to wait, some of the contractors have gone to court…..I must tell you, we are in pain they are dying. We lost seven members in the past two years.” He said.

He expressed dissatisfaction that the government has turned a deaf ear to them. Adding that they are confused and don’t know what to do.

We don’t know what to do, this government is not listening to us.” He stated.

Responding to claims by the Minister of Finance, Dr. Mohammed Amin Adam that the government has released GH¢49billion pay to pay Road Contractor, the chairman said they are yet to receive the money.

Mr. John Afful added that they would be happy if indeed the government has paid the money but they can’t identify where the money is.

The chairman stressed that the Association will find a convenient time to meet the Minister on the payment issue so that both parties will be satisfied.

“We heard he has gone out of the country, when he comes we will approach him to know where the money has gone so that we can also come clear. He needs to come clear so that we will be happy about the payment, we are in pain so if it is true he has paid that money we will be very happy about it but we doubt it. ” He added.

Source: Elvisanokyenews.com