May 20, 2024

As the ruling New Patriotic Party works towards breaking the 8, the Nkoranza South NPP Parliamentary Candidate, Harriet Kyeremateng Oppong, has disclosed that the Bono East Regional NPP campaign team will approach the upcoming December polls with all seriousness.

The Nkoranza South New Patriotic Party Parliamentary candidate, who doubles as a member of the Bono East Regional campaign team for the party, says this year’s election campaign won’t be a fanfare as all members of the campaign team as well as all members of the NPP will engage in an intensive grassroot campaign.

According to her, every election is different and must be approached with a different strategy and therefore all measures they will put in place during, before and after the 2024 elections will be different from that of the 2020 elections.

“One thing we have come to understand is that every election is different and we must approach the 2024 elections with a different approach.”

“This year’s campaign won’t be a fanfare; we will visit the grassroots and ensure our messages are well understood by every single electorate.

By acknowledging that the 2024 elections will not be fanfare, Harriet Kyeremateng Oppong underscores the importance of strategic planning, foresight, and adaptability in shaping campaign strategies, messaging, and activities that resonate with the electorate, address their concerns, and mobilize support and votes for the NPP candidates.

She calls for unity, collaboration, and strategic alignment among party members, volunteers, and supporters to build a cohesive, responsive, and effective campaign movement that captures the diversity, inclusivity, and dynamism of the political process.

The special aide to the Chief of Staff and Deputy Director of Political Affairs at the Office of the Chief of Staff, further said,  “I can assure members of the party in the Bono East region that, we the PCs, regional executives, our leadership, our patrons, elders that are leading the party in this region have all agreed not to repeat the mistakes we made during the last general elections, we will unite to break the 8 and win a lot of seats in the region for the NPP.