May 20, 2024

The leader and founder of Heaven’s Gate Ministries, Nicholas Osei, popularly known as Kumchacha has described a policeman who wore his uniform to give testimony in Evangelist Patricia Asiamah also known as Nana Agradaa’s church.

The policeman in a video shared by Mari.Gyata and monitored by urged the congregation not to take Evangelist Mama Pat’s praises and worship section in church for granted.

He said the sick can be healed, the poor can be rich and the cripples will rise if you follow Mama Pat’s worship time with all your heart.

“Your head pastor, Mama Pat, whenever she will hold the microphone to worship God at church, I beg you, follow the worship with all your heart. And if you are sick……you will be healed, if you are cripple……you will rise, if you are poor… will be rich during the worship section with your head pastor Mama Pat while her husband, Angel Asiamah is backing her with his spirit. You should not take your head pastor’s worship time for granted” The policeman stressed.

Reacting to this, Kumchacha said from the look of things, the policeman was contracted to give a testimony in his uniform to promote her church.

“If you look at what the policeman did in Agradaa’s church, it looks like he was contracted. It is a pure contract. That’s why there’s a saying that a king does not engage himself in certain activities to avoid tarnishing his image. The policeman said he does not attend Agradaa’s church and since it’s his first time, how can you wear the police uniform given to you by the government to a church,” the outspoken man of God said.

“The government employed you with our tax paying money to play a specific role and you use the uniform to give fake testimony and cast insinuations at other pastors, then this tells me that the policeman wants beef.” He added.

According to him, he gives police officers the highest respect since a lot of people associated with him are police officers.

“I respect police personnel a lot because most of my relatives are working there but this is not right,” he said.