May 20, 2024

Ghanaian actor and comedian, Richard Kweku Asante popularly known as Kalybos has described as crazy the current economy of the Republic of Ghana.

According to him, the price of goods and services are rapidly on the rise, and things are getting out of hand.

Speaking on TV3, Kalybos admitted that although there are global economic difficulties, Ghana is leading in the economic hardship.

He lamented that this is not the Ghana it used to be, adding that the citizens are no more happy as compared to the previous years.

“Talking about the economy now, it is crazy how things are going, this is not the Ghana we know, this is not the happy living citizens we wake up go to work come back with something in your pocket” He stressed.

The actor however, blamed Ghanaians for the rise in economic hardship due to over politicizing issues in the country.

He explained that although there is a global economic hardship, Ghanaians are making the situation worse due to their bad behaviour.

“It is general but what make sit worse is something is general and yours is on top of that, ours is just out of the globe and the citizens in it is not helping with that, we all know there is hardship, we all know the inflation is crazy and all that but how can normal citizen be complaining about this and be aiding to make the economy hard?” He stated.

He recounted how a lady surprisingly increased a particular drink he used to buy for GHC15 to GHC35 within a twinkling of an eye claiming the dollar has increased.

Let me put out an example, there is this shop that I buy goods from when I am going home, and I love this particular drink, A drink that I buy for GHC15 so when the last dollar went up which was GHC13 to 1USD, I went there and now from GHC15 the lady is selling it for GHC35………Yes, I had make a call to speak to the lady direct because maybe they made a mistake when writing the price but she says that is what they are selling it for. And these things are always in stock. It is not that within that week the inflation stood up or the dollar went up and you went to buy new items, these are already in stock, so how can you increase the price just like that” Kalybos quizzed.

He therefore advised Ghanaians to desist from selfishness and work hand in hand to reduce the economic hardship because the citizens form part of the government.

“We are also not helping the economy with our individual selfish personal gains, things are hard but we should all work hand in hand to make the economy better for us” Kalybos advised Ghanaians.

Meanwhile, many traders have attributed taxes in the country as the cause of their expensive products.

Ghana among other countries are battling with highly economic hardship, this, according to the citizens making life unbearable for them.