May 30, 2024


Avoid sharing the same plate of food with your former enemy who later becomes your close friend, because you don’t know what thier next plan is.

Avoid lending your friend money,except such friend is well trusted because many have died because they lend money, their friend will go to places to eliminate them so they won’t pay the money..

Keep away from a married woman as a man and also a man as a woman.

Is not every good thing coming your way u need to announce cos many has evil heart and can stop it or eliminate you..

Avoid betraying someone no matter how much is involved..

Not everyone is happy that you are alive so don’t eat with everyone..

Not everyone should know your way about because you can easily be trapped by your enemies
avoid keeping a jealous friend, any friend you know that they like competing with u is jealous.. avoid them.

What should you never try in life?
1. Never try to love someone you cannot have sex with. And Vice Versa, Never Love someone only For sex.
2. Never go for a relationship just because someone is physically beautiful.(Character!)
3. Never cheat in relationship. (someone who truly loves you, will get hurt badly.)
4. Never ever shout at your Parents.
5. Never ever try alcohol or cigarettes! It might look cool at first but once you get addicted it will be very hard to come out of it.
6. Never try to end your life. You’re only bringing pain to your loved ones.
7. Never compare your lifestyle with anyone else in this world. You’re where you are for a reason.
8. Never beg for Money, Love, Attention, Help, favour. Earn it!!
9. Never waste time on people who can’t accept you for who you are.
10. Never listen to other who doubt on you.
11. Never lose hope in yourself whenever you start, start something new.
12. Never give up on your dreams.