May 22, 2024

The Techiman South Municipal National Service Personnel Association, has announced plans to organize a fantasy tour within the Bono East Region.

The initiative, according to the association’s executives is aimed at providing opportunity for members of the association to socialize, explore various destinations in the region, and promote tourism as a means of economic development and cultural exchange.

The tour will offer participants a chance to visit notable landmarks, attractions, and communities within the region, fostering a sense of unity, shared experiences, and mutual understanding among young professionals serving in the area.

Tanoboase, Boabeng-Fiema Monkey Wildlife Sanctuary, and Kintampo Waterfalls are some of the places and tourist site the association intends to visit and enlighten themselves with the history and culture of those places.

The President of the Techiman South National Service Personnel Association, Mr. Jean Ebenezer said, “the Techiman South Municipal National Service Personnel Association, seeks to create a platform for its members to connect, engage, and build relationships while experiencing the beauty, history, and diversity of the Bono East Region.

“My executives and I thought it wise to organize a fantasy tour for our members, the destinations are all within the Bono East region, the aim is to socialized, know our region and moreover, promote tourism.”

“We will visit Tanoboase to know some history of the town, also, we will go to Fiema to see the monkeys and learn about  the history of the site and climax our tour at  Kintampo”

The decision to host a fantasy tour reflects the association’s commitment to fostering camaraderie, cultural appreciation, and community engagement among its members, promoting intercultural dialogue, and showcasing the rich heritage and natural beauty of the Bono East Region as a tourist destination worth exploring and celebrating.

Through this initiative, the Techiman South Municipal National Service Personnel Association, aims to raise awareness about the region’s unique offerings, support local businesses, and encourage sustainable tourism practices that benefit both visitors and host communities.

Mr. Jean Ebenezer, urged all members of the Techiman South Municipal National Service Personnel Association to partake in the upcoming fantasy tour.