June 13, 2024

As part of the 50th anniversary celebration of BACSOD, the Kenten, Cathedral, and Sansama branch have organized a cleanup exercise to clean up the principal streets of the regional capital and some advantage points.

The clean-up exercise, commenced at the Holy Family MMTC, passed through the Techiman Magazine, the Holy Family roundabout, the Sansama main road to the Techiman Ohene Ameyaw Park.

Speaking to news men Mr Francis Sarpong, BACSOD Cathedral Manager expressed worry at the rate of filth on the principal Streets of Techiman.

He said cleanness is next Godliness and it is very important that BACSOD engages in such clean-up exercises to give back to the society as part of their social cooperate responsibility.

“BACSOD is 50 years and as part of our corporate social  responsibility, we have outline a lot of activities to give back to the society as part of our 50th anniversary celebration.

“we have an activity for every month and we have decided to organize a clean-up exercise in the month of May, hence today’s activity, the three branches that undertook today’s exercise Kenten, Cathedral and Sansama branches are the BACSOD Cathedral zone, so we started to conduct the exercise together as a zone.

“The motive behind today’s program  is to propagate the need for cleanliness to the society because next to God is Cleanliness” He told our reporter

Joseph Anworme Tora, Kenten manager and board secretary has also use the opportunity to thank all and sundry who took part in the exercise and expressed BACSOD readiness in assisting their clients and potential clients to attain success in their finances.

The Techiman South Environment Health Officer, Ernest Agbokli, in an interview with the media said,  “the Municipal Assembly collaborated with BACSOD to organized this clean-up exercise and I must say I am very pleased with the work done so far.

“The guys are doing well, we have been to work from Kenten to Ohene Ameyaw Park and this is one of the best partnership I have witnessed.” He said.

BACSOD later donated 5 wheelbarrows and 5 shovels to Techiman Assembly after the cleanup with the aim of helping any group that wants to undertake a similar event in the municipality.

Source: Elvisanokyenews.com