May 30, 2024

Chief of Techiman Tanoso in the Bono East region, Nana Kwaku Kwarteng V, has advised the new Nifahene of Tanoso, Nana Effah Anti II, to respect the customs and traditions of the land.

Nana Kwaku Kwarteng V, who doubles as the Chief Advisor of the Paramount Chief of Techiman, made this assertion during the enstoolment of Nana Effah Anti II at his palace.

In his address to the gathering, Nana Kwaku Kwarteng V, expressed his congratulations to Nana Effah Anti II on his new role and highlighted the significance of his position as the Nifahene of the Tanoso Traditional Area.

He stressed that Nana Effah Anti’s responsibilities include safeguarding the cultural heritage and promoting unity within the Tanoso community.

Nana Kwaku Kwarteng V reminded Nana Effah Anti that the position of Nifahene is not only a position of authority but also a position of service and responsibility. He urged Nana Effah Anti to lead by example and to prioritize the preservation and promotion of Tanoso’s customs and traditions.

“You have come to join us to serve the people of Tanoso, your ancestors used to host this position and they served Tanoso very well, so you are coming to continue the good legacy of your ancestors, your family has choosing you as their leader but in reality, you are coming to serve your family and your people, you will only be successful if you become the servant to your family and people.”

“Never abuse your powers because if you do that, your reign will be very short, in all, I wish you all the best and pray that you become a successful Nifahene in the history of Techiman Tanoso.” Nana Kwaku Kwarteng V said.

The Tanoso Chief emphasized that the customs and traditions of the land are the foundation upon which the community’s identity and values are built. He called upon Nana Effah Anti to work closely with the Traditional Council and other community leaders to ensure that these customs and traditions are upheld and respected.

“Remember that you came to meet some chiefs at this palace and therefore you must be humble and respect them, if you want your reign as the Tanoso Nifahene to be successful, then you have to be humble and respect the chiefs at this palace and in turn, they will educate on how best to serve your people.” He said

He further urged the new Tanoso Nifahene to foster a spirit of inclusivity and collaboration, seeking the input and involvement of all community members in decision-making processes.

Nana Kwaku Kwarteng V said, “I am very confidence in you, I know that your family has truly assessed your ability to fulfill his duties with integrity, wisdom, and a deep respect for the customs and traditions of Tanoso and therefor I also believe that you can discharge your duties without any fears or favors”

On his part, Nana Effah Anti II, expressed his profound gratitude to his family members and the people of Tanoso for the honor bestowed upon him and promised not to take theirs for granted.

“I would like to thank Nananom, my family and the people of Tanoso for the honor they have bestowed upon me today. I promised to do everything in my power to ensure the development of the community, I will respect the customs and traditions of the land and again promised not to take anything for granted during my reign as the Tanoso Nifahene.” He revealed.

The new Tanoso Nifahene further disclosed that, he is much concerned about the education of his people saying, “One sector I really wants to improve is education, I have realized that the quality and seriousness attached to education in this town is very low, so I will do everything within my powers to improve the standard of education in this town and I will look for best ways to help the youth in this community to attain higher heights in education.”

Nana Effah Anti II, emphatically said his doors are open for every single individual in the community and promised to answer the call of his people when the need arises.