May 22, 2024

The Techiman Central branch of the Ghana Unity Professional Tailors and Dressmakers Association on last Sunday, 25th June, 2023, held its 20th graduation ceremony.

The colorful ceremony, which took place at the Techiman Community center saw the graduation of some forty (40) personnel who for the past three years have studied and mastered the art of dressmaking.

Speaking with, the Chairperson of the Techiman Central Association, Mad. Margaret Karimasun, revealed that the Techiman Central branch of the Ghana Unity Professional Tailors and Dressmakers Association is the mother association for some 14 other zonal branches of the association across the Techiman South Municipality.

She revealed that, “the reason for this program is for the parents and love ones of the various graduates to donate funds to the graduates so they can get the capital to start a shop or business of their own”

On the part of the parents of the graduates and other apprentices, she said, “what I will tell the parents is that, when you bring your children, especially the girl child to start the apprenticeship, do your best to cater for their needs as far as their career path is concerned “.

According to her, some parents, after enrolling their children into the apprenticeship, leave them to their fate, a situation she says can go a long way in serving as a stumbling block to the overall success of their children so far as learning of the trade is concerned.

On his part, the General Secretary of the Techiman Central branch, Mr. Simon Afuic, advised young men to endeavor in the dressmaking business and encouraged them to also “learn the trade”.

“Out of the forty (40) people who are graduating, only one of them is a male, this should tell you that it will be hard to get a semester or a male dressmaker in the next generation “. He disclosed.

Mr. Simon explained that the dressmaking industry “is not for only females, and even when females sew a male cloth or dress, most at times, it’s not as beautiful as it would have been if it was sewn by a male”.

He therefore encouraged males to also “come and learn the trade” as he said the Techiman Central branch of the Ghana Unity and Professional Tailors and Dressmakers Association have a special discount for male apprentices.

Source: Blankson