May 30, 2024

A Rwandese barber in Kenya, Martin Safari who uses non-conventional tools such as hammer, chisel, shavel and knives has shared challenges he is facing.

He said he uses unorthodox methods instead of a pair of scissors and clippers to cut people’s hair for content.

Surprisingly not even the huge shavels and other potentially dangerous objects get his clients worried.

According to a report, Safari charges between $45 and $60 per haircut. His theatrical shaving skills have earned him  a name and livelihood.

In 2023, Safari was named the Best Content Creator in the Grammy barber awards.

In a video shared by TRT Afrika sighted by, Safari indicated that the main challenge he is facing is to get people trust in his crazy tools he is using.

“I have been in Nairobi for almost four months and it is still in a new location. I only cut people’s hair for content so in a week I can cut like two or three people’s hair then use it for my instagram content. The major challenge I am facing is getting people to trust me with the crazy tools I use, that is the biggest challenge I am facing right now in Nairobi because it is a new location, I am still new in the place so people don’t know me yet so it is very hard to convince even one person to cut the hair.” He stated.

According to the 24-year-old, he started using non-conventional tools to shave during his early years of university of education in Rwanda.

Moreover, when his passion proved too strong to ignore he dropped out of university where he was pursuing a undergraduate degree in business administration to fully concentrate on a career in hair grooming.

In December 2022, he posted his first video in which he was using a hammer and a chisel to groom his clients