July 24, 2024

The Techiman South Municipal Coordinator for Pre School Department , Mrs. Ruth Atta Dancan has called on parents to provide their children with their basic needs to enable them to achieve success in their education.

She said children have the right to a good education, adequate feeding, quality medical care, good shelter, clothed well, protected from violence, abuse, cruelty, exploitation, and neglect.

According to her, the rights of children are special since most of the rights defined in the Convention on the Rights of the Child must be provided by adults or the state.

Mrs. Ruth Atta Dancan entreated parents to closely monitor their children’s internet activities to ensure they were not lured into cybercrime and other immoral acts.

She made this appeal when the Techiman Municipal Education Directorate, through the Department of Pre Child Education Unit , organized a quiz competition for KG 1 and 2 in all the ten circuits within the municipality to learn Jolly Phonics.

Madam Ruth said the teachers are doing their best to equip these children with the needed knowledge and therefore parents must do their part by providing the learners with their basic needs to complement the efforts of teachers.

“The learners are doing their part and facilitators are also doing their part to the best of their ability. If facilitators have dedicated a day to conduct such a special exercise, then it is about time parents also do their best in terms of providing them with the needed textbooks and other provisions.

“Parents should also assist their wards to complete their take home assignments while showing keen interest in what they learn in school, by doing so, teaching and learning will be very easy for the teachers. Parents should remember that the learners are their children and therefore need to play their role.” She said

Finally she uses the opportunity to explain what these Jolly Phonics are. She said there are sounds and symbols that teacher’s use in teaching these little children on how to pronounce words and spell them without any challenge.

“Jolly Phonics is all about helping learners to read and write through play, since it involves games and play, the learners learn fast and most of the time, a learner who is in KG2 can read perfectly.

“We have 10 circuits in Techiman so today, we are here basically to test the capability of the learners to know if they are well prepared to go to class 1, the standard we have set for them is for every learner in KG2 should be able to write his or her name.

“When it comes to numbers, they should be able to write and identify from 1 to 20. we have 42 sounds in Jolly Phonics, learners should be able to write, blend the sounds and form sentences with the 42 sounds in Jolly Phonics and the learners have been able to do that today.” Madam Ruth told our reporter

Source: Elvisanokyenews.com