July 24, 2024

The Chief of Staff of the Techiman Traditional Area, Nana Stephen Akumfi Ameyaw, has asserted that no politician will take the lead nor participate in any form of violence hence no one should engage in violence for any political party.

The senior brother of the Paramount Chief of Techiman, Nana Stephen Akumfi Ameyaw expressed deep concern over the potential for violence during upcoming elections saying “we must all strive to maintain the peace and harmony that defines our great nation, election violence is a threat not only to the democratic process but also to the very fabric of our society.” He said

He made this passionate appeal when speaking to the media during the outdooring of the Ankobeahene and Ankobeahemaa of Konimase Area 2 in the Techiman North District of the Bono East region.

Nana Stephen Akumfi Ameyaw encouraged all Ghanaians to engage in open and respectful dialogue, to listen to different perspectives, and to work towards finding common ground.

“I throw this challenge to politicians, that whoever preaches violence should lead that action they are calling for, I tell you that will never happen not even in our wildest dream so I am pleading with all and sundry to be advice themselves and be very vigilant.

“2024 is an election year, everyone should be careful of their utterances before, during, and after the elections, if you are not assigned by the rules and regulations governing the election to hang around the polling station, kindly go home after casting your vote, stay home and listen to the results of the elections via the various media platforms.

“Don’t be influence by any politician to do anything that is against the laws of our country, those that will influence you to do anything against the laws of the land may go scot-free but you that carry their unlawful action may suffer the consequences.

“We should all be vigilant in the 2024 elections, everybody must that he or she is civilized and has the fear and love of God as well good morals so that we can vote in peace and continue to leave in peace.” Nana Stephen Akumfi Ameyaw said

Source: Elvisanokyenews.com