May 22, 2024

The Techiman Akisimasu Royal Family has presented Nana Amakwaa Amponsah III as the new Akisimasuhemaa to the Paramount of the Techiman Traditional Area Nana Abrafi Kotoh.

The new Akisimasuhmaa before Nana Abrafi Kotoh, swear an oath of allegiance as custom and traditions demand while performing all the necessary rites at the Palace of the Techiman Paramount Queen on Monday 22nd January, 2024.

Nana Abrafi Kotoh, who is a native of Akisimasu, which is one of the traditional communities in Techiman, expressed her profound joy as her hometown gets a new queen to assist the chief in ruling the community.

Addressing the chiefs and people of Akisimasu at the Paramount Queens Palace, the Chief of Staff of the Techiman Traditional Area, Nana Stephen Akumfi Ameyaw on behalf of the Paramount Queen] urged the family and the people of Akisimasu to collaborate with their chief and queen to bring development to the area since its one of the traditional communities in Techiman and therefore needs much attention in terms of development.

He also used the opportunity to urge the new queen mother to summit herself to Nannanom and the people of Akisimasu and Techiman at large.

“Sadly, we have to sit idle and allow a royal community like Akisimasu to be in a poor state, all the royals and indigents of the community have left and prefer to settle in other communities in Techiman and this is very bad however, I’m happy that the community now has a chief and a queen.”

“As the new queen of the land, it’s expected of you to abide by all the traditions of the and you must assist your chief to ensure the development of the community

He revealed that the enstoolment of a new Akisimasuhemaa has become necessary after the old Akismasuhemaa was destooled for her gross disrespect towards the Paramount Chief of Techiman.

“Someone may ask why the outdooring of a new Akisimasuhemaa, the old Aisimasuhemaa disrespected the customs and traditions of the land, in our traditional area, we have structures that members of the Traditional Council have to follow especially when one wants to visit the Paramount Chief but the old Akisimauhemaa ignored all those structures and as a result, her position has been taken away from her.” He explained

The Chief of Akisimasu, Nana Rev Twi Brempong, expressed his gratitude to the kingmakers for getting him a queen to support him in the ruling and developing of the community.

“Everybody needs support, previously, there was no queen to support me but now thanks to the traditional council, I have gotten an able queen to advise and support me in strategizing the development of the community. We have to uplift the face of the community because nobody will like to stay in a community that lacks development”

“I will plead with my new queen to collaborate with me in developing the community because, without collaboration and unity, we can’t achieve our aim of developing Akisimasu. She will now take charge of the development of the children and women in Akisimasu and I reaffirm what I said during my enstoolment that I and the Akisimasu Traditional Council will bring massive development within the next two years.” Nana Said.

He said there series of developmental plans put in place to develop the community and he hopes his queen mother will give him the maximum support.

On her part, Nana Amakwaa Amponsah III pledged to collaborate with Rev. Nana Twi Brempong and the Techiman Traditional Council to ensure the development of Akisimasu and Techiman as a whole.

” I thank God for the honor bestowed upon me as the queen of Akisimasu and I will collaborate with my able uncle, Rev. Nana Twi Brempong to bring development to Akisimasu and make sure girl child education will be paramount at Akisimasu,” She disclosed.

Nana Amakwaa Amponsah III, continued, ” I will also help to eradicate teenage pregnancy in the community and I will plead with the royal family and the people of Akisimasu to unite and bring massive development to the community.”