June 13, 2024

The Director for the vice president and flagbearer of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia’s campaign team, Dennis Edward Aboagye also known as Dennis Miracles Aboagye has questioned the possibility of former president John Dramani Mahama’s 24-hour economy campaign promise.

He said the 24-Hour economy is not possible and does not make sense because any business owner who has enough capital to expand his or her business doesn’t need any government to operate in 24-hours.

Speaking in an interview with Bola Ray on Star Chat, Miracle Aboagye stated that there are businesses who are already operating in 24-Hours depending on their capital so no serious politician will use 24-hour economy as policy in Ghana.

“24-hour economy is not possible, it doesn’t make sense, anybody that comes and promises you 24 hour economy everywhere in your country is a liar. A hotel opens at 10pm, there is nobody coming in, what will you do to open it overnight?…. That is why no serious politician goes around to say that my policy is a 24 hours economy.” He said.

“Do you know what to do? You said that my policy is that when I come, I will give you a lot of capital to inject into your business so that you can produce more. When you produce more I don’t have to tell you to open 24 hours, you will decide. There is a factory in where I live, they operate 24 hour no government told them to open 24 hours, they are open 24 hours because they have a lot of demand for their product.” He added.

The Former President and flagbearer of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) Mr. John Mahama detailing the 24-Hour economy police in a press conference xplained that “We will combine government support and private sector involvement to realise the 24hour economy. We will establish a comprehensive policy framework that supports the growth of a 24hour economy. Legislation will be introduced to support businesses operating 24/7, including labour laws, tax incentives, and regulations that ensure workers’ rights and protection.”

“We will see the availability of the necessary infrastructure, such as transportation networks, public amenities, and security systems, including a well-regulated and monitored private security architecture to facilitate round-the-clock activities. Technology and digital infrastructure investment would also be prioritised to enable automation and seamless operations. We cannot have a successful 24-hour economy without an aggressive expansion in our exports.” Mr. Mahama said.

Financial services at the port, shipping agents, and customs will be enabled to work additional shifts at night and at weekends to allow for the 24/7 clearing of goods at our ports. This will help reduce demurrage charges on importers and reduce congestion at our ports.

Also, the expanded range of operating or working hours will increase productivity and fully utilise all resources, including infrastructure. The 24-hour economy will provide greater flexibility and convenience for workers and allow citizens to access goods and services anytime.

We will improve infrastructure, lighting, and security at entertainment districts such as the Osu Oxford Street, Abeka LaPaz, East Legon Lagos Avenue, etc., to allow operations throughout the night – Consider hospitality, transportation, and security, including a well-regulated and monitored private security establishment. These will enhance the consumer experience and create a thriving and dynamic economy.

Let me add that the 24-hour economy will also attract foreign direct investment to stimulate the local economy and create more employment opportunities for Ghanaians.

He indicated that his next administration is optimistic and poised about the 24-Hour economy to create jobs for the unemployed youth in the country.

“I remain optimistic about the Mahama 24-hour economy initiative. The 24-hour economy is a game-changer for the Ghanaian economy. It will benefit your businesses, employment and the enjoyment of the youth who are seeking jobs. We shall vigorously pursue the 24-hour economy, amongst many other initiatives, as part of our broader vision and determination to increase economic growth, create jobs, and improve the quality of life of Ghanaians.” The former President stated.

Source: Elvisanokyenews.com