May 20, 2024

Ghanaian hitmaker Nathaniel Owusu, known by his stage name Lasmid, is the latest artist to bid farewell to Kaywa’s Highly Spiritual Music, as confirmed by Kaywa himself.

Fans and music lovers are wondering what led to these unexpected changes, especially following Mr. Drew’s resignation from the record label.

Kaywa, CEO of Highly Spiritual Music, revealed Lasmid’s departure during an interview with renowned TV personality Andy Dosty on Adom TV.

According to Kaywa, discussions regarding Lasmid’s departure had been ongoing for some time, with the artist expressing his intention to part ways even before the recently concluded Vodafone Ghana Music Awards (VGMA).

While acknowledging that there is a backstory to Lasmid’s departure, Kaywa refrained from providing further details, considering it inappropriate to discuss the matter at this time.

“I can confirm that Lasmid has left Highly Spiritual Music. The conversation with Lasmid has been back and forth. He started asking to exit the label way before the VGMA. There’s a story behind it, but I don’t think it’s appropriate to start the Lasmid conversation right now,” he emphasized.

Lasmid, a talented musician who rose to fame as the winner of the music reality series MTN Hitmaker 8, joined Highly Spiritual Music in May 2020.

Other notable artists on the label, led by Kaywa, include Mr. Drew and Krymi.

With the label’s expertise in management and record production, Lasmid’s signing marked a significant milestone in his career as he sought to advance his artistic ambitions.

Fans eagerly await Lasmid’s next musical endeavor as he bids farewell to Highly Spiritual Music.

Lasmid has released several hit songs, including “Friday Night,” “Atele,” “Butta My Bread,” “Odo Brassband,” “Father,” and many more.

Debates regarding the future of the record label in the music industry have already begun due to Lasmid and Mr. Drew’s departures from Highly Spiritual Music.