May 20, 2024

The controversy over the ownership of song titled “Canopy” is seems to have been settled

After Hiplife artiste, Kenneth Kyeremateng widely known as Kwame Yogot claimed that he is the owner of Ghanaian High-life and Afrobeat singer-songwriter, Eugene Kwame Marfo, who goes by the stage name Kuami Eugene’s latest song, Canopy, the producer who worked on the song has revealed the real owner of the song.

A young music producer whose name has been given as Poppin has stated categorically that Kwame Yogot doesn’t have any idea about how the song came out.

He explained that the owner of the song, Kuami Eugene did not plan for any collaboration he just featured Yogot and others but later a change of mind came and they took Yogot’s verse off.

Speaking on Facebook live, the producer stated that if he was Kuami eugene, he would have sued Kwame Yogot because what he is doing is uncalled for.

“See Yogot what you have done, you didn’t try, I am your brother but you didn’t try. If I am Eugene right now I would sue you because you don’t even have any idea about the song. When Kuami called me and said let us create something, we did everything and you were called to sing your verse and there is a change of mind and your verse has been dropped, you are claiming that Kuami Eugene has stolen your song” Poppin stated.

According to him, Kuami Eugene has done a lot for them so Yogot should not pay him (Kuami Eugene) with ungratefulness.

He said perhaps Yogot is frustrated that is why he is behaving like that.

“Kuami has done a lot of things for you and all of us, you shouldn’t have done this, I don’t know whether you are acting out of frustration or what, I don’t know. Even I, being the producer, will never go out there and talk like how you are talking, there are certain things you have to think twice before you do. People out there don’t need any idea about the music, they will think that truely, Kuami took your song.” He indicated.