May 30, 2024

Former President and Flagbearer of the National Democratic Congress, John Dramani Mahama, has urged voters of the Assin North Constituency to massively vote for the NDC in the upcoming by-elections

The Former President is expecting the voters to make a huge statement about what he describes as bad governance and economic crisis the current NPP led government has plunged Ghanaians into.

“What Ghanaians wants me to tell you is that, God’s plan is the best, God has plan it that you the constituents of Assin North will amplify the plight of Ghanaians, you are the ones to speak on their behalf through your vote in the upcoming by-elections”

“All the drivers in this country are saying you will vote and speak on their behalf so that the government will know that we are in difficult times, all the Okada riders and unemployed youth are all counting on you, so vote massively for the NDC to send a huge statement to the NPP”. He said.

Speaking during his tour at the Assin North Constituency ahead of the crucial by-election on the 27th of June, John Mahama expressed his dissatisfaction with the ruling by an Accra High court to hear  James Gyakye Quayson’s  perjury and forgery case on day to day bases.

The 2024 presidential candidate of the National Democratic Congress, says the court should rather focus on prioritizing issues on murder and MenzGold matters.

According to him, “we NDC are never discourage, if they want or not, James Quayson is our choice, now the case has been politicize, now they want to hear James Quayson case daily, what i’m asking is, those who have killed, do they hear their cases daily? the Nam 1 issue, is it daily? What has this man done, has he stolen someone’s money, has he killed somebody? The former president quizzed.

John Dramani Mahama said the NDC as a party will continue to throw their full support behind James Gyakye Quayson in these difficult times.

“If they say they will hear the case daily, we will go to bed and sleep there, the trial can be in the morning or evening, we the people of Assin North say if he is here or not, we will vote for him.” He said.

Source: Blankson