May 30, 2024

People go into politics for a lot of different reasons. Most people go into politics because they have the aspiration to change things, influence the course of governance, help their people or to make a career.

Other people who want to become involved in politics, at either a local or national level, also have the genuine desire to make things better.

Ghanaian actor and comedian, Richard Kweku Asante popularly known as Kalybos has revealed his decision to campaign for the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP) during the 2020 general elections.

According to him, he campaigned for the NPP because of Free SHS which he says would reduce his family burden.

He said every successful person in a family has many responsibilities so he felt the policies of the NPP was to reduce his burden when implemented.

“To my point of view why I supported the NPP when you become a breadwinner there are a lot of responsibilities because I had to get my uncles supporting school fees and all that so when you come out successful, you turn to have ten times of those burdens on you and for a long stress of time, I couldn’t save that much because always I had to keep on paying school fees and these fees goes out to those entering into the secondary schools, primary schools and all of that so to me my aim or the whole idea was that I supported the idea of Free SHS.” He stated.

Kalybos who came to light through his role in the Boys Kasa comic series in 2012 added that he was able to save money after the implementation of the Free SHS policy by the NPP government under the leadership of president Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo and vice president Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia.

“Trust me ever since that policy was implemented, I could actually save and make use of the money, that is my point of view. I did not go into politics or campaign for any other reasons. So when that was implemented I had to be selfish for once because now I can save something and then use it for different purposes” He revealed.

Actors included Kalybos, Bismark The Joke, Bibi Bright, Prince David Osei, Jessica Williams, Cwesi Oteng and Jeneral Ntatia, Agya Koo hit the streets and campaigned for the New Patriotic Party (NPP) during the 2012 general elections.

Speaking on the current economic hardship, Kalybos said it is crazy how things are going in recent times.

He said this is not the Ghana it used to be, adding that the citizens are no more happy as compared to the previous years.

“Talking about the economy now, it is crazy how things are going, this is not the Ghana we know, this is not the happy living citizens we wake up go to work come back with something in your pocket” He stressed.

Richard Kweku Asante also blamed the citizens in the country for the current economic hardship.

He explained that although there is a global economic hardship, Ghanaians are making the situation worse due to their bad behaviour.

“It is general but what make sit worse is something is general and yours is on top of that, ours is just out of the globe and the citizens in it is not helping with that, we all know there is hardship, we all know the inflation is crazy and all that but how can normal citizen be complaining about this and be aiding to make the economy hard? We are also not helping the economy with our individual selfish personal gains, things are hard but we should all work hand in hand to make the economy better for us” Kalybos advised Ghanaians.