May 22, 2024

Many people claim to love someone but they don’t have an intense, deep affection for the person.

Others too lack the mutual growth, support, respect, and understanding for each other but a real love means both partners are invested in each other’s happiness and well-being  and accepting each other’s imperfections and guide them to reach in a position they want.

When someone loves you, you know and you will feel it. There will be evidence to attest to it and third parties can also witness that.

Anybody who truly loves someone will prove with these elements.

Somebody who truly loves you will regard you as interesting or important and take special care of you and everything you have.

When someone loves you, they will care about your well-being. Anyone that doesn’t care about your welfare does not love you.

When someone loves you, they will communicate often with you as much as possible. Hearing the voice of whom you love is a delight.

The natural outflow of love is giving. When someone loves you, they will give. It doesn’t necessarily have to be money but there will be giving.

When someone loves you, they will desire and long to spend time with you. When you love someone, you will desire the presence of the person. Anyone that doesn’t like spending time with you, may not love you.

The ultimate proof of love is sacrifice. Love is not self-seeking. Love always spends itself at the expense of the beloved. Someone that is not going out of his way once in a while to make you feel good, may not love you. Love is sacrificial.

When someone loves you, they will try to protect you from harm, they will ensure that you are safe, you will find shelter and will defend you.

When someone loves you, they will be vulnerable to you. They will lose their guard, put down their defence, they will dismantle the barricade and they will show you the weak side of them hoping you don’t hurt them.

When someone loves you, they will support you in whatever capacity they can. They will support your dreams and aspirations, they will support you financially, spiritually, emotionally and otherwise.

When someone loves you, they will invest in you to make you better than they met you mentally, emotionally, economically etc. Love builds up.