July 24, 2024

Perfect Match Xtra Season II Stars Drill and Rosey with their amalgamated fanbase name Drisey has easily won-over hearts of Liberians, by taking over their Twitter trends. Staying in the top trends, they got 2nd to 4th rank on the charts suggesting their popularity across the country.

Ghana’s stars Drill and Rosey took over Liberia’s Twitter trends with ease

Drill took the second spot on Top Trend, with Rosey in third and their joint fanbase, Drisey in fourth. The achievement demonstrates an appreciation well beyond their nation for the uprising Ghanaian stars, who as such are justly loved in their country.

This clear exhibit of burgeoning international fandom has been spearheaded by their passionate Liberian supporters who have had the duo trending each and every day! But this time around, they did take over the TOP 5 trends.

The rise of Rosey as an international star seems more obvious making waves in five countries, signalling the strongest housemate with international fans and lovers, putting her and Drill among the global success stories.

This latest trend in Liberia is yet another proof that, when we say many people outside the country Ghana loves Rosey and Drill. That conversation is true, they are loved by Africa and the world. Their aura and personality reverberate even in lands beyond Ghana, claiming thousands of hearts across the continent.

Meanwhile, Drisey shippers have surprised the Perfect Match Xtra Season II Stars with cash and a gift worth GHC150k, including design sprays, shoes, bags, and kicks after the loss of Drill and Rosey on the show.

Others are commending Big Mama of Perfect Match Xtra saying her contribution to their loss brought these great opportunities.

According to reports, Drill and Rosey have received GHC45,000 each from their individual fans.

Source: Elvisanokyenews.com