July 24, 2024


Hello Joyce Bawa Mogtari.

Your proclivity to showcase your unparagoned ignorance and intellectual prevarications in this day and age, is in small doses crippling your rectitude. After you clasped the position of being Mahama’s propaganda herald, you have turned out to be a schlepper and have maimed your kosherness. Frankly, I have become bewildered at your appetite and disposition to shoehorn the masses with your nullified cozenage. Your habit to immerse yourself into a sea of schmaltz makes your political trait grim. In your recoil to gainsay, what were levelled against your profligate boss, John Mahama apropos the emoluments he has been receiving fizzled out. You continue to make a song and dance about something legitimately in existential. We were hankering for you to debunk our attestation with unassailable facts, but you couldn’t. It appears, you have the yen to take precedence over your National Communications Director, Sammy Gyamfi ( Sammy Miami ), who has been suffering from hyperacusis.

Mrs. Joyce Bawa Mogtari, on the 26th July, 2018, it was the same you, who conducted an interview on Accra – based Okay FM and naively repined that, the NPP Government since they assumed Office had not paid any emolument to your boss, John Mahama as enshrined in the Professor Dora Francisca Edu – Buandoh Presidential Committee on Article 71 Office Holders. You further indicated that, John Mahama’s wife, Mrs. Lordina Mahama had been lumbered with the responsibility of taking care of Mr. Mahama. You once again validated your inimitable nescience by hinting, you had been eyeing on the salary issues at the Office of the President, but nothing had been done to address your solicitude. Your endeavor ended in a smoke once more, since the government by then, had not paid its own staff. But by and by, the government paid his salary arrears Gh¢29,899 for 12 months, amounting to Gh¢388,687, which was paid into his ADB account at Adabraka branch. Since then, he consistently continued to receive his monthly salary of Gh¢29,899 from January 2018 to July 18, 2018 and even till date.

Off late, your perpetual fustian and philippic is that, John Mahama receives his constitutionally – mandated – emolument only with effect to Article 71. Mrs. Joyce Bawa Mogtari, do you know that, you are a sheer pathetic to the legal profession ? As a legal practitioner, you should had done a meticulous and encyclopedic research on this before that view was even conjectured. Since, your actions assert that, you are cliffhanger : let me be your hierophant.
Do you want to sequester the benefits you people enjoy in the name of John Mahama?
As of now, the government pays all the six staff at the Office of the former President including yourself. Intriguingly, the six staff are taking home an annual salary of an astronomical Gh¢688,488.00 at the end of every year.

The disintegration of the figures denotes that, you, Joyce Bawa Mogtari, who has been designated as a personal aide is taking home a quarterly salary of Gh¢56,511 and an annual salary of Gh¢226,004, translating into Gh¢18,837. Which is greater than the salary you acquired as Deputy Minister of Transport. Another personal aide, Fidel Amakye Owusu, is also taking home quarterly and annual salary akin to you, Joyce Bawa Mogtari. Three personal aides to the former president, Wisdom Peter Awuku, Ernest Nkrumah Addo, and Felix Kwakye Ofosu, a former deputy Minister, are each taking a quarterly salary of Gh¢18,000 and an annual salary of Gh¢72,000. Even, a driver at the same office is also taking a quarterly salary of Gh¢5,100 and an annual salary of Gh¢20,400. Mrs. Joyce Bawa Mogtari, are these not an indirect benefits John Mahama gains from his so – called impoverished country or does Article 71 accords you people to sweep all these juicy benefits ? Even though, John Mahama is residing in his own house just behind Ghana Trade Fair Centre having migrated from Chain home at Burma Camp, yet still, the country pays him for his accommodation.

John Mahama whilst in opposition receives other benefits, such as, state – provided staff not exceeding four, a furnished and up – to – date office and communication accoutrements. John Mahama has been provided with a staff by this country, consisting of a cook, steward, gardener and two security persons as his defence umbrella. Mr. Mahama has been given the discretion to embark on foreign trips with wife and would be able to use the presidential jet. Medical and dental services are provided to him and his wife by the state as well. John Mahama has been given a chauffeur, two vehicles nourished and catholically insured by the state and being changed every four years till his demise.

Additionally, the state pays for his transoceanic official travels with his spouse and two security persons : the state sponsors two foreign travels per year _ those not exceeding two weeks in duration and the state also pay his utilities at his residence.
It is incontrovertibly factual that, amongst the ex Presidents, John Mahama has overjoyed in every sector than them
When John Agyekum Kufour retired from the presidency, all the state – owned vehicles were stripped off him during the Atta Mills – Mahama regime. Unlike, your boss, John Mahama, he continues to maximize the state – owned vehicles grandiosely.

With the abrogation of the ex gratia, Mahama himself knows, he is merely tickling and monkeying the electorates with it : he can never obliterate it. Tenderly ask your boss, John Mahama the brain behind the then presidential committee, which was chaired by Professor Dora Francisca Edu – Buandoh. It was a hush – hush approach to escalate the duration and the import of the ex gratia. Therefore, I don’t want to prostitute my time on it. Mrs. Joyce Bawa Mogtari, I would be intoxicated if you distance yourself from the syndrome of propaganda or else, you may continue to be cerebrally floating.

By : Prof. Dinkum.
(The Buzzing Rapine of Erudition)
E – mail : dinkumchoice@gmail.com