May 30, 2024

The Executives of the Cashew Traders and Exporters Association of Ghana, have called on all cashew farmers within the Bono East region to register and form an association in order to enable them to properly regulate the cashew business in accordance with the new directive from the Tree Crop Development Authority.

The Tree Crops Development Authority is mandated per the 2019(Act 1010) to regulate and develop in a sustainable manner in the production, processing and trading of tree crops namely cashew, rubber, coconut, oil palm, shea and mango.

In accordance with section 27 of Act 1010, “a person or group of persons or company engaged in the tree crops value chain shall register with the authority.”

Mr. Kwabena Owusu, who is the National Organizer of the Cashew Traders and Exporters Association of Ghana, addressing cashew farmers and stakeholders in Techiman, he urged all farmers to form an association that can support licenses for their business since from next year’s cashew season, they will be using licenses to purchase the produces hence the need for farmers to join an association.

“the Tree Crop Development, has given giving SKT contract to register all six actors in the value chain that falls within tree crops, so they expect us the association to give them accurate data of our farmers which will enable to them to award license to the farmers which they will in turn use the license to purchase cashew related products.” He told the media.

He continued, ” I will plead with all the cashew farmers and buyers to take advantage of this process because this will bring sanity in the cashew business and it will help the country at large.”

Mr Mumuni Issah, Chairperson of the Techiman North and South Cashew Traders and Exporters Association of Ghana, in an interview with the media stated that all the offices within Techiman are open for all farmers and urged them to visit the nearest office to get registered.

“we went to a meeting with our national executives and it was approved that they will provide license for us to conduct our businesses so i will plead with all to visit any of our office to get registered because government does not deal with individual farmers or agents but rather deals with associations so they should all join the association in order to benefit from all government’s interventions.” Mr. Mununi disclosed.

Source: Blankson