May 30, 2024

The founder of the International God’s Way Church, Bishop Daniel Obinim has revealed that God has intentionary left some people to face challenges in life because of ‘GH₵5, GH₵10 offerings.

He asserted that giving ‘GH₵5 and GH₵10 offerings are unacceptable and disrespectful to God, the reason a lot of people are suffering.

The controversial pastor indicated that he doesn’t accept offerings in his church but only a “prayer seed” (money meant for special prayers and to show appreciation to God) and it starts from GH₵20.

“From today, ‘GH₵5, GH₵10 offerings have been stopped. Don’t put such an amount of money here again, here don’t give offerings so don’t bring ‘GH₵5, GH₵10 here. Here we pray on our money as a prayer seed and the lowest is GH₵20, if you have only GH₵5 or GH₵10 don’t put it in the offering bowl, sit down for God to see that you don’t have money.” He said during church service.

“You don’t respect God, you don’t respect, you are going to thank God with GH₵5, GH₵10? That is why He has left you to face many challenges. You don’t respect, how much do you ever give to your children? This announcement goes to all the congregants in my church (Tema, Accra and Kumasi) branch, nobody shows putting GH₵5, GH₵10 in the offering bowl again. If you want to thank God the least should be GH₵20, GH₵50, GH₵100 upwards” Bishop Obinim announced.

International God’s Way Church Leader ordered the church members who had already put GH₵5, GH₵10 in the offering bowl to retrieve their money else face his curse.

“If you have put any money here, come and take it back, we have stopped the GH₵5 and  GH₵10 offering, come and take your money from here, you don’t respect God, GH₵5, GH₵10 you don’t respect God and me. If you have put any money here come and take it else it will be a curse on you if I take the money myself” Obinim angrily ordered his congregants.