May 22, 2024

The Commander-In-Chief of the Economic Fighters Front (EFF), Julius Malema has said the democracy of the Republic of Ghana is threatened by corruption.

According to him, Ghana, which was the most celebrated democratic country in the African continent has now been deteriorated by corruption.

Speaking at a public dialogue with Africa’s youth, organized by AriseGhana in Accra on Tuesday, January 23, 2024. The Leader of EFF lamented that Ghana is unable to pay its international debt due to corruption.

“We also know that this country is the one that leads in successful succession which is peaceful. Of course Ghana has experienced a bit on disgality at some point but since that Ghana became the most celebrated democracy, but the democracy of Ghana is threatened by corruption. A corruption that makes it sure that Ghana does not pay its international debt. As a result, today, Ghana is unable to self determine because everything else is detected to Ghana by IMF and the World bank because the current leadership fail to honour their obligation” Malema stated.

The outspoken South Africa politician stressed that corruption is a threat to democracy everywhere so no one should defend corrupt individuals irrespective of their political affiliations.

Adding that those who are stealing from the public purse now are stealing from the future which would affect the progress of the youth in Africa.

“Corruption is a threat to a wonderful democracy because it is eating on the moral fibre of democratic depensation, we must never ever celebrate anyone who is corrupt or seek to defend the corrupt individuals irrespective of our political affiliations. Those who are stealing from the public purse now, they are stealing from the future that is why they are unable to pay the debt now and they will not be able to pay the debt in future and it is you the youth in Africa that are going to inherite the debt and you will not be able to develop your own country.” He added.

Julius Malema charged the youth in the Africa continent to be bold and speak against corruption.

“There is a tendency in the African continent of the youth defending the old corrupt because they give them a little money now and they forget the future. If you value the future of this continent, you must stand unashamedly to fight corruption everywhere, don’t care who says what, you must also speak through to power, it doesn’t matter who get offended, the truth remains the truth whether you are standing, whether you are sitting, whether you are sleeping”

“And one thing you must know is that when you tell the truth to the powers that be, they may pretend now that they have not heard what you are saying but when they are sleeping alone their conscience speak to them and they must answer the question if he or she telling the truth and if their answer is yes, you have achieved your mission, they will never know they are corrupt until someone tell them on their face” Malema indicated.