May 30, 2024

Entertainment pundit, Emmanuel Barnes, popularly known as Mr. Logic, says Ghanaians should blame electricity thefts for the recent power crisis (dumsor) in the country, not the Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG) or the government.

He said people are given the power but they are not paying because they are stealing the electricity.

Speaking on United Television monitored by, Mr. Logic stated that if those who are illegally connected electricity are going to pay for the services they are consuming, ECG and the government can raise enough funds to make the light on.

“People who are stealing the light are more than those who are paying for the light, I swear, you can do your own research. Recently ECG made the announcement that they are going to replace the meters, they want to bring some meters that can check people who are paying for the electricity and those who are not paying, people are stealing light.” He said.

“Where I live, ECG came there and check who is paying the electricity and who is not, do you believe people are living in a luxurious house estates and they are papping light they are not paying light. When we are 15 children and living in a home, and our mother cooks with 15 pieces of meat for each and every one and the two of us steal about 8 of the meat, how can the other children get meat? So you don’t have to blame ECG.”

He added that “that is why I said the dumsor that rocked the previous government, the opposition parties who were blaming that government were also wrong and those who are blaming the current government are also wrong. So far as we are not giving free electricity in this country we have to pay. How can you make a call if you don’t buy airtime on your phone, so me I don’t blame ECG”

“ Where I am staying, if there are lights off, I check if it’s coming from the ECG or my prepaid meter units are finished, if my units are finished I buy some and I am not bothered. As for the power outages (dumsor), we will all experience it but we have to be responsible citizens. Report those who steal the light. Stop complaining when the lights go off, that’s a childish thing to do,” he averred.

Meanwhile, the Communications Director of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), Richard Ahiagba has apologised to Ghanaians on behalf of the government over the power outage.