May 30, 2024

Some delegates of the New Patriotic Party at the Offinso North Constituency in the Ashanti Region, have openly declared their support for the incumbent Member of Parliament for the Constituency, Hon. Collins Augustine Ntim ahead of Saturday’s primaries.

The delegates which is made up of almost all the polling station executives of Offinso North in a press briefing disclosed that, Hon. Collins Ntim has done a yeoman’s work within the constituency and as such deserves another term as their Member of Parliament.

The New Patriotic Party will on Saturday, 27th January, 2024 go to the polls to elect Parliamentary candidates at constituencies that they have siting MPs and Hon. Collins Augustine Ntim, who doubles as Deputy Minister of Local Government seeks to be retain as the Offinso North Parliamentary candidate and subsequently retain his seat come the December elections.

He however face competition from Dr. Fred Kyei Asamoah and Mr. Adu Boahen but nevertheless, the Offinso North Polling Station Executives for Hon. Augustine Collins Ntim, believes the incumbent MP is the right man to lead Offinso North to the promise land especially when he seeks for only four years to complete all his uncompleted projects in the constituency.

Addressing the media, Mr. Cletus Aapire Tengan, revealed that, the Deputy Minister for Local Government has initiated and completed a lot of developmental projects ranging from education, agriculture, health, trade and commerce, security, infrastructure, religious affairs, sports, water and sanitation, energy, human capacity building and general activities and therefore must be retain to see the completion of any yet to complete project which they believe he can complete them when given another four years to serve the people of Offinso North.

“We respectfully share with the media and the general public the excerpts of Hon. A. C. Ntim’s works from education, agriculture, health, trade and commerce, security, infrastructure, religious affairs, sports, water and sanitation, energy, human capacity building and general activities within the Constituency.” He said.

The group said “we continue to echo the fact that the 2024 General Election is not a make-or-break issue for the party. But the election is an important historical decision for the party. It is whether or not we can ‘break the 8’ come December 2024 and in view of this we need someone who have won and beaten the opposition party numerous times. We need a face that is already known!
Hon. A C Ntim campaign for this election has been informed by his vision for Offinso North. The vision is inspired by the liberal philosophy of the Founding Fathers of our tradition, the good works that Hon. Kofi Konadu Apraku did during his terms in office.
As you all know, we have conducted the most issue-based campaign so far, concentrating on selling our vision to the delegates. We have been very careful not to offend any member of the Party in the course of our campaign. This approach has been followed strictly by my campaign teams around the constituency. This is to ensure that, with our coming victory”

They therefore prayed for unity within the New Patriotic Party and urged all delegates of Offinso North to vote for Hon. A. C. Ntim as the party gears to “break the 8”.

“We desperately need unity both within our ranks and outside it, if we are to ‘break the 8’. As A. C. Ntim the Parliamentary Candidate, we invite both former members and non-members to join us for the historic victory of December 2024.” They revealed.

below are some of the achievements that the Offinso North Polling Station Executives for Hon. Augustine Collins Ntim highlighted;

1. Building of Staff Bungalows at Nkenkaasu Senior High School
2. Building of classroom complex at Nkenkaasu Senior High
3. Building of ultra-modern three storey dormitory at Nkenkaasu Senior High which accommodates close to 1000 girls.
4. Construction of Staff Bungalows at Akumadan Senior High School
5. Construction of Wiafe Akenten Senior High School Head and Assistant Masters Bungalows
6. Dormitory complex project at Asuoso Senior High School
7. Construction of a 12 unit classroom at Nkenkaasu
8. Lobbied for the Construction of a 1000 seater dining hall for Nkenkaasu Senior High School
9. Construction of 6 unit classroom at Brehoma
10. Construction of classroom blocks at Afrancho
11. Distribution of Sandals to all students and even the elderly in the constituency.
12. Sharing Mathematical Instruments to students.
13. Providing financial support to the Education Directorate in organizing mock exams
14. Provision of financial support to Akumadan Youth Association in their annual Interschools Quiz Competition.
15. Provided support in renovating of dilapidated schools.
16. Provision of financial support to the various SRCs of the Senior High Schools in the Constituency

1. Lobbied for the construction of a Greenhouse Village at Akomadan which has led to the employment of Youths in various sectors of facilities including security personnels, electricians, labourers, drivers, agronomists, cleaners, etc.

2. He personally led to the establishment of Tree Crop Project which includes Cashew, Cocoa, Coconut, Oil Palm, Oranges within the Constituency in helping alleviate poverty from more than 7,000 households.
3. His deliberate attempt to help alleviate poverty led to the employment of over 2,000 people on the project. This included people on the nursery section of the project, others were also transplanting the crops.
4. He has established 11 farms for 11 communities to help them use the future proceeds for some of their development projects. These areas are Dwenedabi, Nkwaakwaa, Asuoso, Kobreso, Darso, Nkenkaasu, Ntonsa, Akomadan (2 farms) and Afrancho (2 farms).
5. Distribution of over 2,000,000 cashew seedlings freely to farmers since 2012.
6. Distribution of over 60,000 coconut seedlings freely to farmers from 2012.
7. Distribution of over 25,000 Oil Palm seedlings freely to farmers from 2012.
8. Made provisions of farm inputs (cutlasses, boots, knapsack sprayers, weedicides) to over 30,000 farmers across the constituency.
9. Lobbied for the construction of a warehouse for produce storage at Akomadan-Nkenkaasu Forest.
10. Helped in the employment of Forest Guards from various towns across the constituency.
11. Construction of modern agricultural complex to accommodate all agricultural offices at Nkenkaasu.
12. Helped in the employment of the Youth into Ghana Cocobod notably CHED and Special Service Department.
13. Helped in the provision of machinery for the rice farmers in Asuoso and Asempanaye.
14. Lobbied for 15 students to be sent to Israel to learn modern methods of farming and in Greenhouse technology.
15. Organised training sessions on Productive Inclusion Programmes on various modules including Soap Making, Snail Rearing, Mushroom farming, Piggery, Cassava Processing, Dry season farming, Weanimix/Tom Brown and provided financial support to 1,215 beneficiaries

1. Lobbied for the establishment of National Paramedics Training School (Ambulance Training School) to help train Emergency Medical Technicians at Nkenkaasu.
2. Helped in the recruitment of not less than 300 Constituents into the Ambulance Training School.

3. Constructed a Clinic at Nkwaakwaa.
4. Constructed a Health Centre at Darso.
5. Constructed a Health Centre at Kobreso.
6. Construction of Health Centre at Seseko.
7. Provided Financial Support to Akumadan Concerns Association in the construction of a hospital at Akumadan.
8. Organises an annual health screening exercise across the constituency.
9. Settled Hospital Bills of needy constituents of an amount to the tune of GHC135,000 as recorded and through The Ntim’s Health Fund.
10. Donated Hospital Beds to Sraneso CHPS Compound.
11. Donated Hospital Beds to Nkenkaasu Government Hospital.
12. Donated Hospital Medical Equipment to Nkenkaasu Government Hospital.
13. Establishment of NHIS Office at Afrancho.
14. Construction of an Accident and Emergency Hospital at Nkenkaasu.
15. Sponsors Surgical Operations for over 200 beneficiaries annually.
16. Completed the construction of CHPS Compound at Sraneso No.1.
17. Provided and renewed National Health Insurance for over 15,000 people within the constituency.

1. Provided Soft Loans to market women at an interest free rate.
2. Constructed a market centre at Nkwaakwaa.
3. Constructed a market centre at Asempanaye.
4. Constructed an ultra-modern storey building market at Nkenkaasu.
5. Constructed a market centre at Afrancho.
6. Construction of a market centre at Darso.
7. Provided financial assistance as seed monies in cash and in kind to over 700 beneficiaries.
8. His deliberate policy in opening up Akomadan to be an urbanised city has led to the establishment of various recreational facilities including an ultra-modern conference centre, hotels, and other housing facilities.
9. Construction of a Social Centre at Akomadan.
10. Provided and renewed the driving license of about 400 drivers across the constituency.

1. Construction of a Police Station at Akomadan
2. Construction of a Police Post at Asempanaye
3. Donated to the construction of Police Station at Kobreso
4. Donated to the construction of Police Station at Afrancho
5. Donated to the construction of Police Station at Nkenkaasu
6. An annual donation to the Police Unit in the Constituency in motivating them in their work

1. Building of a 3 Storey Assembly Complex at Akumadan which accommodates all departments and agencies in the Constituency.
2. Building of an ultra-modern Court complex to help complement the strategic plan of making Offinso North a Municipal.
3. Building of accommodation to house the Magistrate in the Constituency.
4. Construction of a housing project for various Security and Civil Workers at Akomadan.
5. Construction of a media village at Nkenkaasu.
6. Construction of DVLA at Akomadan.
7. Construction of a National Health and Insurance Scheme Office at Afrancho.
8. Liaised with private entities in the establishment of Cassava Factory at Afrancho and a Tomato Powder Project at Akomadan.
9. Ongoing face lifting and development of town roads at Akomadan, Nkenkaasu and Afrancho.
10. Timely reshaping of rural feeder roads to make them motorable.


Sponsored 12 Pastors in going to Israel for pilgrimage this included pastors from the Methodist Church, Catholic, Charismatic and Pentecostal Churches.
2. Supported Churches in the Constituency with over 10,000 bags of Cement and over 500 packets of roofing sheets.
3. Sponsored 42 Muslims to the Hajj Pilgrimage to Mecca.

4. Helped in the construction of mosque at Seseko, Sraneso No.1 and Afrancho Enterprise.
5. Annual supply of sugar, rice, tea leaves for Muslims during and after their Eid-Fitr festivities.
6. As an annual ritual, the Member of Parliament visits all churches during Christmas and makes financial donations in aid of their various activities.
7. Donation of 2,000 pieces of clothes to widows and elderly in various churches annually.

1. Construction of Astro Turf at Nkenkaasu
2. Donation of Lawn Mower to Nkenkaasu Senior High School to help them mow their school park.
3. Donation of Lawn Mower to Nkwaakwaa Chief to help them mow their school park.
4. Organises annual MP’s Football Gala throughout the constituency since 2009.
5. Has been distributing footballs and jerseys to teams, schools, and churches in the constituency.
6. Has constantly been supporting Akumadanman United with financial assistance.
7. Sponsored 4 young footballers to play football in Europe.
8. Has been providing financial assistance to Nkenkaasu Football Team.

1. Construction of Mechanised Boreholes across the constituency in areas including Abrufua, Goroline, New Nsuoase, Enterprise, Israel, Afrancho Hospital Area, Akomadan Zongo, Nkenkaasu SHS, Sraneso No. 2, Nkenkaasu Ankaase, Nkenkaasu Wawase, Nkenkaasu Esorodome, Nkenkaasu Government Hospital, Kobreso Downtown, Asempanaye Police Post, Nkwaakwaa New Site, Papasi, Grumaline, Konkon, Amoanim, Akomadan Canaan, Akomadan Frafraline area (Behind Anointing True Word), Akomadan Ebomu, Akomadan Agude, etc.
2. Construction of Toilet Facilities throughout the constituency
3. Provided waste bins at vintage points at the major towns in the constituency.
4. Constructed drains to help stop erosion at Darso, Afrancho and Akomadan.
5. Construction of Toilet Facilities at Akomadan SHS and Wiafe Akenten Presby SHS at Afrancho.
6. Construction of household toilets at a subsidised rate for interested parties.

1. Rural Electrification project at Mankramso, Srentiatia, Tanokwaem, Mfante, Tawiakrom, Apenteng, and ongoing at Nsenoa area.
2. Single handedly paying an amount of GHC37,000,000 in a cost-sharing arrangement with the Ministry of Energy.
3. Extension of electricity to new sites of various communities in the district.
4. Provision of about 6,400 Streetlights across the constituency.
5. Provision of solar powered lights to rural communities who are yet to be on the national grid.
6. Provided a Generator to the people of Dwenedabi to help minimize their power challenges.
7. Sharing of about 6,000 household energy efficient bulbs to the constituents

1. Helped in the employment of 9 Consultants and 48 Support Staffs for World Bank Funded Projects (GPSNP, SOCO) in the Country.
2. Sponsored 4 Constituents to attend a Youth Capacity Building Conference in German, Rwanda, Cote D’Ivoire and Russia for 4 consecutive years.
3. Sponsored 6 drivers in acquiring knowledge in heavy duty trucks for road and mining works.
4. Always lobby for the increment of quota opportunities in the employment of youth in community policing, nursing, and afforestation.
5. Helped in the recruitment of 8 constituents into National Security Agency.
6. A total number of 84 individuals have been recruited into various Security Services including Police, Fire Service, Immigration, Prisons Service and Customs.
7. Had deliberately led in the employment of over 300 teachers across the constituency.
8. Created employment opportunities of not less than 80 people in the Hospitality field.
9. Support needy students in various institutions; training colleges (nursing and teaching), universities and senior high schools.
10. Support over 1000 needy constituents financially every year.
11. Distributed over 400 motorcycles and 1000 bicycles to hardworking constituents.
12. Donated an amount of GHC10,000 to the Darso Tailors, Dressmakers and Hairdressers Association during their graduation.