May 30, 2024

The Managing Director of GIHOC Distilleries Limited, Maxwell Kofi Jumah has urged Ghanaians especially the youth to make good use of social media to benefit themselves.

He said it is pathetic that Ghanaian youth are hypnotized about modern technology.

According to him, social media such as Facebook, Tiktok, Instagram can be used in many ways to better our lives but the youth are currently abusing it.

He emphasized that Chinese who inverted Tiktok use it to educate themselves but it is sad that Ghanaians use it for photoshoots and show their breasts and buttocks.

“If you take Tiktok, it was inverted by the chinese, they use it to educate themselves, we use it to do photo shoot, instead of using it to better ourselves, to get more skills, have a better understanding ad how to make a living, we use it for stupit stuff. Show your breast, back, this kind of stupidity” The for Mayor of Kumasi and former Member of Parliament said in an interview with Adubia TV monitored by

Mr. Kofi Jumah stated that it is imperative for the youth to read more and get more information on how the world is moving in order to relate to others.

‘It saddened me because a lot of our youth are not very well informed, you see we live in an age where the more information that you have the better person you are, the better your chances are in making it in life. I don’t think that there is enough information flow within our youth, they have the gadgets but they have been hypnotized that does not even allow them to use these gadgets to benefit themselves.” He stated.

“But more is because of ignorance that they are not well exposed, they don’t have enough information about what is going on in the world, they don’t have information about what is even going on around them, they don’t even have a good understanding of themselves and that is my worry.” He bemoaned.